Hints for sending Get Well flowers to someone in the hospital

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Here are six tips for when you are sending get-well arrangements to someone in the hospital:

1. Stay away from fragrant flowers – strong fragrances can be difficult in a small room, and even if they like them, they might have a roommate that does not.

2. The arrangement will have a bigger impact if it is one-sided. The flowers will likely be up against a wall or sitting where the person who receives them will see only one side.

4. Consider sending a green plant for them to take home when they leave the hospital.

4. If they are in ICU, fresh flowers and plants will have to wait until they are in a regular room. Your florist can deliver stuffed animals, balloons and/or a fruit or snack basket to be shared with visitors and staff.

5. Think about their style and personality and ask for a design to be made that really fits who they are.

6. Let your local florist design and deliver the perfect floral arrangement for you!


18 thoughts on “Hints for sending Get Well flowers to someone in the hospital

  1. Those arrangements are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the tips too as you forget about those things in times of crisis. I had a friend recently send flowers to her mother-in-law who was in ICU and unfortunately she wasn’t able to have them. Thanks for sharing this info!

    • Thanks so much, Jan, for the comments. I always feel badly when I can’t deliver flowers to an ICU, but I explain that it’s the hospital’s rules not mine. Most people understand, and many wish to send silk flowers instead. There is always an alternative when you contact a real flower shop.

    • I figured it out!! Thanks for all your help!
      Now, feel better soon!!!

      p.s. I’m going to put your email on my ‘blast’ list. I don’t send them often, but you’ll hear from me. If you want to be removed from the list, just unsubscribe. But I hope you won’t do that!!

    • Thanks so much!! We’ve been designing flowers for more than 35 years, so I guess must be doing something right!!

      Wait till you see the gift baskets!!


      I’m working on an email blast to announce National Walk-in Day. The AHA calls it “National Walking Day” so we’re changing it a bit and offering free rose! I’ll send you an announcement of it on the first of April!

      Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you. This is very valuable information. I love the tip about getting the green plant for them to take home and the tip about being sensitive about the smells. Good things to keep in mind.

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