peace lilyThings are always hopping at the flower shop! Yesterday we had the pleasure to meet Dov, yes Dov, who came in to purchase a plant to thank Saba’s Mediterranean Cuisine where they are holding a fundraiser for his daughter Dahlia on Sunday.
Thanks, Dov, for spending some time with us, for the information and education, for being out-spoken and honest, and for giving of your time and energy to this blog.


20 thoughts on “Dov!

    • Dani, Thanks for asking! I wish there were a secret. As long as your plant is healthy (aka the leaves are green) and you remember to water it, and it gets a little bit of sunlight, there is really nothing you can do to force the blooms. When the plant is ready, it’s will bloom. But DO NOT REPOT IT. These plants like to be root-bound. If you need to put it into something prettier for asthetic purposes, put the entire thing (pot and all) into a different pot. Do not cause the stress of re-potting it (unless your pot breaks and you have no choice). Be happy with the beautiful plant and let nature take its course!

    • Yes, Maria!! It was wonderful to meet Dov. He chose this type of plant as a Thank You gift. It’s a very popular and easy-to-care-for plant. p.s. This morning he told me he’s “proud of me” because I figured out how to do the Avatar all by myself!

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