corsage lavenderEven if it seems a little old-fashioned, girls still love to wear corsages to prom! Protocol has changed a bit, but a corsage is a very important part of the girl’s complete ensemble. Your professional florist can help you decide which flowers are appropriate, and what colors will match or blend with the dress. It is always important to remember how the flowers will photograph.

What about the boutonniere? Yes, gentlemen wear flowers in the lapels. It’s one of the few times that it’s appropriate (their wedding is another) and it’s always nice when the corsage and boutonniere match.

We can design the perfect corsage in minutes, but pre-orders are always appreciated. That way your flowers will be ready for you when you come to pick them up.

Order your prom corsages and boutonnieres from your professional florist today!


35 thoughts on “Corsages

    • That is the corsage of choice these days. I think it’s because most prom dresses don’t have straps. No, you don’t need an excuse to wear a corsage, Loretta! Going out to dinner on Saturday night? Wear one and watch how the people in the restaurant envy you!!

    • Our proms are already happening. We have had several this past weekend, and 6 schools this coming Saturday (that we know of). Then 8 in the neighorhood the following weekend. They’re early here because school lets out in the beginning of May.

  1. Beautiful corsage! My daughter still has her’s from her prom, 14 years ago, and my son did wear a boutonniere that matched the wrist corsage he gave his date.

  2. I remember these for my prom (many many mooooons ago lol). Surprised they’re still popular after all these years, but I suppose it’s the fact that it’s different and rarely done that makes these feel special for these couple most special of occasions.

  3. How fun to be part of this most memorable day in a teen’s life! P.S. have you seen the movie Bee Movie? It’s got Seinfeld playing a cartoon bee, and he dates a florist (a cartoon human) played by Renee Zellweger. Very funny and sweet about florists.

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