Flowers Bring Renewal and Joy to a Broken Heart

fruit gour candy mediumFruit for Sue mediumfuneral for bob waitsfuneral coreFuneral  Ursula3 roses in a vasegreen plant for sitefuneral red white & bluecelebration of lifefuneral for honeywellblue orange yellowfuneral for klara mediumHave you ever walked into a funeral service where there are no flowers? It’s so dark and it saddens the heart.

Then the flowers arrive and it brightens the soul. Green plants bring freshness of life and renewal and are always a welcome addition to the family home.

Flowers are an exquisite creation that celebrates the life of the departed. People take them home and enjoy them. Family members give them away to the mourners or a care facility.

A bountiful assortment of fresh fruit is always appreciated at the family home to share with family and friends who visit.

In almost 50 years in the floral industry, I have never heard anyone say, “Oh, I wish there were NO flowers there when I attended a funeral.” All I have ever hear is, “Oh, how beautiful the flowers were.” From a single flower to a bountiful basket, flowers express what words can not say. Flowers speak the language of the heart.

Call your local professional florist for the customs that are appropriate for the area. Customs vary across the United States and around the world.

The next time you see “In Lieu of Flowers”, do something about it. Lighten someone’s heart. Contact your local professional florist.


14 thoughts on “Flowers Bring Renewal and Joy to a Broken Heart

  1. I often like to buy my wife flowers just for the hell of it… especially when she’s not expecting them. Even some simple lillies (her favorites) go a long way to me showing her how much she means to me.

  2. I loved the idea that someone had of sending live plants to a neighbors funeral, his widow was so appreciative she had something to keep as a living memory.

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