Red Roses #florist

Today I thought I’d talk about red roses. Yes, you know the ones…
they’re favorites of just about everyone.
Doz red roses
You send them when you’re in love.
6 roses for kathy
You send them when you want to be in love.
Roses for Stephany
You send them when you’re in trouble.
red roses bud vase
You send them when you don’t want to be in trouble.
6 red roses in a cube
You send them for a birthday.
PES doz red roses
You send them for an anniversary.
roses and lilies in cube
You send them just because.
tropicals pink roses

And you send them from Roadrunner Florist


57 thoughts on “Red Roses #florist

    • Rob, that’s a very good question. I wish there were an easy answer. Cut roses like to be kept cool. Ideally that means refrigerated, but gee, you don’t want to take them home and put them in your refrigerator!! So the next-best option is to find the coolest place in your home, which means NOT on top of the tv, not in the line of heat coming from a vent, not next to a window or not getting the reflection from a mirror. Then you want to replace the water with cold water every day, and cut the stems every day, too. Roses that you buy from a flower shop are hydrated and shouldn’t need any of the “food” that you get when you buy roses from a grocery or big box store. (I’ll address buying roses/flowers from them at another time). The life expectancy of cut roses in the desert is, unfortunately, 3-4 days. They tend to last longer in humid environments. My suggestion, therefore, is to understand they are a delicate creation and enjoy the dickens out of them while you have them.

    • Me, too!!!
      I’ll tell you a great story. A few months ago we had an order going to all of the ladies at a local TV station. The sender asked that each lady receive a dozen roses, but not all the same. So we designed vases with a dozen roses: a dozen red. a dozen white. a dozen pink. a dozen yellow. a dozen lavender. a dozen mixed colors. That’s 6, right? I placed them all on the counter and then I got to decide which dozen went to which lady! Well, I know one of the ladies, so I chose the red ones for her. Then I changed my mind. Then I changed it back. And then I changed it back again! When I had all of those colors in front of me, I just couldn’t make up my mind!! I finally put the enclosure cards in a pile, shuffled them, placed each one on a dozen roses, and the colors were chosen by the luck of the draw!!

    • Yellow is our second or third best seller, depending on how many people from Texas call us! We always have both colors available in the shop. You’d be surprised how many people love the yellow when they see the arrangement completed. You have chosen a great favorite!

    • Thanks! I’ll tell you something else: most hotels won’t allow you to use fresh petals! Evidently they stain the linen! So, we sell silk rose petals. And the advantages are numerous: not only do they not stain the linen but you can collect them and use them over again!

    • Thanks!! I’m learning that one of the ways to increase visibility on google is through blogging and the other way is through “sharing”. That’s why it’s important to respond to everyone who comments on your blog, and it’s also important to “share” everything on facebook. Comment, comment, comment! Share, share, share!!

    • Are you from Texas? I find ladies from Texas always prefer yellow roses!! I love the lavender. They are always fragrant but they don’t last long (it’s the nature of the beast). Funny, but we usually don’t mix the lavender with another color, probably because the lavender are so exceptional all by themselves! the next time we bring lavender into the shop I’m going to design a dozen with yellow and see how quickly it sells! Thanks for the hint!

    • You are lucky that your bush is 30 years old! They don’t last that long in the desert southwest. There is an Arizona rule of thumb (I don’t know if it’s true where you are): Prune your roses Super Bowl Weekend. It would be fun to know if that’s when you prune yours, too!

    • The lavender roses seem to have the most fragrance, I think. Something about the lack of color (the same with carnations … the white ones smell like peppermint!). Sometimes the pink ones have fragrance, but the red ones seldom do. But I’ll tell you this, even though I know there is no smell, I still put my nose into every rose!

    • People ask us “what does the color stand for” and of course the answer for red is love. White is purity. Yellow is friendship (and of course Texas). But the others? It’s really up to personal taste after that. And just because you send yellow or pink or white doesn’t mean you’re not in love! I think the traditional red is a Valentine’s Day color, and we’ve ordered hundreds of red, but we’ll also have white, pink and yellow in the shop that day.

  1. Tina, I do love roses whether they are red, white, yellow, pink or variations. I also associate red roses with love. I know that the other colors have specific meanings. I remember my mother stating that on Mother’s Day, if one’s mother had passed, the woman would wear white roses. Actually, I’m not sure if I have the story right. Have you ever heard this?

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