Share, Share, Share! It’s Earth Day!

The Power of “Share”.
It’s Earth Day! Therefore: Let Us Share!

facebook share

Sure, we all “like” each other’s facebook pages!

And if you haven’t already done so, please “like”

We “comment” on a post.

“How Nice”. “Thanks.” “Nice Post”. “Thanks for the Information”.

But what we really need are SHARES. And more SHARES. And even MORE SHARES!

So, when you see something you like, please SHARE it with your friends.

cube for kristen 2 medium

Wonder why? It’s a google thing!


Happy Sharing!


33 thoughts on “Share, Share, Share! It’s Earth Day!

    • I’m learning. But gee, it’s time consuming!! I can do this for another week or so, and then you won’t see or hear from me until after Mother’s Day (unless I get a waiver from you so I can post to remind people about Mother’s Day without HAVING to reciprocate… which of course I will do if I can).

  1. You should totally enable sharing on your blog Tina 🙂 Make it easier for people to share your page, share your pics, etc. There are lots of plugins you can install, I like Digg Digg the best 🙂 Totally try them out… that way all we would have to do is click a button to share this blog!

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