#Flowers #Florist #Mother’sDay

Mother’s Day is upon is.

HMD animated

Yes, I know it’s not until next Sunday, May 12!


That’s only a week away!

TODAY is the day to order flowers for Mother’s Day.


natural rock

oh, the hy

mixed roses

How do you order your Mother’s Day Flowers? I KNOW!

Call, click or come by!
2007a W Bethany Home
Phoenix, AZ 85015


37 thoughts on “#Flowers #Florist #Mother’sDay

    • How nice, Felicia. I am sure they appreciated the gesture! We hire extra drivers 3 times a year, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas week. I have 3 friends who have helped me for many years, and I can count on them every time!

    • Julie, I have had many occasions when people (mostly ladies) send flowers to themselves. It always proves a point! This happens frequently on Valentine’s Day when roses are being delivered to offices and someone feels “left out”, which is one reason we get our Vday orders out as early in the morning as we possibly can! I don’t think it’s “bad” per se, but it’s too bad that it does happen.

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