Open For Business!

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We’re open for business!
Why is that significant? Because the City of Phoenix is tearing up the intersection about 500 feet from our store to extend the light rail. Here’s the sign they brought us today! We are excited!
light rail sign

You’re probably wondering what we’re doing all day at the flower shop. Let me show you:
ganem 2

palm and pothosroses & lilies mix funeral
springy mdbeautiful garden lori ganem
violet containermelinda chaney

…and many many more!

pamela's creationsPamela's fun florals

We’re going to make sure hundreds of moms in greater Phoenix are reminded how special they are on Mother’s Day!

It’s no wonder we’re tired… 🙂


34 thoughts on “Open For Business!

  1. All the moms in phoenix will love your arrangements! But what are you doing for yourself??? You deserve to have good things on Mothers Day!

  2. Thanks, Rob, for asking. Unfortunately when one is in this industry, the holidays aren’t celebrated on the holiday, and Every day has to be Mother’s Day! So, no, I haven’t had an official “Mother’s Day” in many many years. I will spend Sunday making sure all of the flowers are delivered to the moms in Phoenix, and then I’ll collapse! I did send my mom 3 Mother’s Day cards and I knitted her a lap-blanket, which she received yesterday. (she asked me how long it took to make it: 16 months!). I celebrate vicariously by making other people’s mom’s happy!

  3. I wish I lived in Phoenix. I’d be dropping hints all week to receiving one of these beautiful arrangements! There will certainly be a bunch of happy mommies on Sunday!

  4. I wish I lived closer. Those arrangements are beautiful and every mother in Phoenix will be so happy to receive one. Happy Mother’s Day to you Tina and you do beautiful work.

  5. Very busy time of they year, isn’t it? I just received beautiful flowers from my Mum who is a florist. You are a very creative florist yourself 🙂

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