Toddler Ruffles by Tina

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Do you have any idea how talented we really are? Pamela designs the most amazing floral arrangements (no argument there) and has a beautiful, well manicured garden. She plays the clarinet and several other musical instruments and loves public speaking.

Trops in cooler 2

Me? You won’t find a prettier gift basket anywhere! I have a knack for selecting the perfect dog for a family. I like to sew, crochet and bake. And sing.

snack basket

Today I’m going to introduce you to another side of Tina. Here is the first of my recent toddler creations. Ruffles! Ruffles to cover their diapers. Adorable!!

I have just a few to choose from in each size (small 13-18 lbs) (medium 18-21 lbs) (large 31-34 lbs). Here are a few examples. Remember, each one is unique (aka no 2 are alike) so, if you’re interested in purchasing one, let me know right away!

ruffles 1 ruffles 2 ruffles 3
ruffles 7

How much are they and how do you buy one? They are $10 each (including postage). Simply call me at 602-246-1271 or 888-446-1271.

The perfect gift for babies and toddlers!


33 thoughts on “Toddler Ruffles by Tina

  1. I’m not sure if I should be commenting on a baby diaper post, but I only made it here because I wanted to hear about the great candy bar giveaway and I was interested in winning that basket of candy bars, so if you could send me the candy bars to PO Box 2123 Perth, Western Australia, I would be grateful, and I promise to send you a testimonial for your basket of candy bars, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. do you have a Canadian market.. and is the postage prohibitive?
    I am grandma so could be interested.. though I agree .. the candy bar basket could tempt me too !

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