Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


This Memorial Day we honor our America servicemen.

In 2006, Pamela and Tina had the pleasure to spend Memorial Day in Washington, D.C.

At that time Pamela received this prestigious award from the Society of American Florists for more than 25 years of service in the floral industry. saf award

Now, 7 years later, Pamela is designing even more amazing floral arrangements. Here are some patriotic examples.




We thank you for your support of Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express and we thank our servicemen and their families for their service to our country.

Tina Ashburn & Pamela E Smith
Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express


Save $5 Order flowers or a gift basket during the month of June, 2013. Offer cannot be combined.

Offer Expires: June 30, 2013


26 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    • I think so, too. We delivered 2 of these to a church funeral in a little town recently. Each piece was placed outside the church so people coming in knew they were entering a very special and patriotic service. The flowers inside were exceptional (no pictures taken inside the church). I love the American celebrations and I’m glad you do, too.

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