News from The Plant Doctor

Brought to you every Thursday by Pamela E Smith, owner of Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ.
Pamela has been known as the Plant Doctor since 1971 when she purchased
Esquire Flowers in Oak Park, MI.
Pamela is a Michigan State University Floriculture Graduate 1964.
Pamela opened Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ in 1979.

The Chrysanthemum

mum 1mum 2mum 3mum 4mum 5mum 7
mum 8

Botanical name: Dendrathema.
Beautiful long lasting flowers, in a multitude of colors, the varieties are daisies,
cushion, flat heads, quills, spoons and buttons. All known as “mums”.
Chrysanthemums are easy to grow outside in your garden.
They’ll freeze in the winter and they don’t take temperatures above 90,
but they are pretty and bright, happy flowers.

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Coming next: Roses


26 thoughts on “News from The Plant Doctor

    • Rob, do you mean what made me move to AZ (from Denver)? Well, when I was about 17 I discovered boys. Honest! I was in college at the time. No,I didn’t get into trouble, but I did find out boys were more fun than college. My parents seemed to disagree, for some reason! I had friends in Tucson, so I went for a visit and I stayed. There I met my husband, and after a few years of marriage we moved to Phoenix. We divorced in 1989 but I remained. That, in a nutshell, is my adult story!

  1. I went to Michigan State as well! Since you are the plant doctor do you have any remedies to get rid of the gnats flying around the office non-stop.. They are driving us crazy.. We try not to over water our plants and let them dry out.. We can’t seem to get rid of them!

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