How Much Fruit is in There?

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Brought to you every Tuesday by Tina Ashburn, owner of Basket Express, located inside Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ.

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How Much Fruit Is In There?

fruit unwrapped

People often ask how many pieces of fruit is in a gift basket? It’s so hard to say!

Because fresh fruit is seasonal, and varieties and sizes vary, a small fresh fruit basket contains approximately 15-18 pieces, medium 22-26 pieces, large 30-35 pieces.

amazing fruit

And you can always add chocolates or cookies or snacks!

snacks for Mark unwrapped 2

It is always appropriate to send a fruit basket to a funeral or celebration of life, as well as to a family in mourning.

Fresh fruit is appreciated in a hospital or hospice, where it can be shared with loved ones and care-givers.

Fresh fruit is always the perfect “Thank you” gift: for your doctor, dentist, teacher, neighbor, co-worker, dog-sitter, child care provider

When fresh fruit is cut, it begins to become contaminated with bacteria. It is always safer to purchase whole fresh fruit, refrigerate it, wash it and enjoy it!

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26 thoughts on “How Much Fruit is in There?

  1. mmm fruit yumm. oh my comment lol. I too wondered about the fruit baskets, I mean I have got some just because I like the pretty arrangement then ate them al up lol.

  2. I like fresh fruit baskets. I think the amount of fruit included in these baskets is a great amount and I don’t think I have ever seen a basket with more than 8-10 pieces!

  3. I love fresh fruit and can’t think of anything i would rather receive!! I live in Thailand and eat from the garden daily portions of banana, mangoes, papaya and coconuts. I used to miss peaches, pears and decent apples but have now developed my tastes in other directions!

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