Happy Father’s Day!!


We love our dads!  My dad, Marvin Smith, is 90 and still going strong! He lives with my mom in Denver (they’ve been married  66 years). Celebrating Father’s Day with my dad is one of the happiest occasions I know.


Remember Dad

Remember your dad with a delicious fresh fruit basket. You can add cookies, candy or snacks!

If your dad is no longer with us, may his memory be a blessing.

Small fruit basket $35.00
Medium fruit basket $50.00
Large fruit basket $75.00

amazing fruit

What are your fondest memories of your dad? One if mine is April 16, when he would take me shopping for dresses. You see, my dad is a CPA (he would say that is NOT Cleaning, Pressing & Alterations) so tax time was very difficult on all of us. But it was OVER on April 15th, and no matter how tired he was, he would spend April 16th with me at Neusteters Department Store in Denver. Boy, was that wonderful!


Another great memory is an “Apple Par-Tee”. My dad would sit at the table and peel and apple (the goal was to peel it in one long piece) with a paring knife.

apple being peeled

Then he would cut it into slices and we would share the apple. As much fun as it is to bite into an apple, it was much more fun when it was an  “Apple Par-Tee”!!

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Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express

2007a W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015



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30 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!!

  1. My dad was a no nonsense type of fellow, big business man and always ethical and fair. I hope that besides my looks, I carry some of his traits as he was a man to be admired.

  2. My dad lives in Michigan.. I sent him his gift on Monday.. But if he lived here he would have loved one of your baskets.

  3. Great story about your dad. Wow! 66 years of marriage, that’s so fabulous… sounds like my grandparents… it’s rare these days… you’re blessed 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your dad then and now, you sound like a very positive individual who I’m sure was learned by your parents. In turn your business must be the same way! I will check out the baskets… my dad is 88 and he is has lots of allergies.

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