Honoring our Fallen

Pamela and Tina, Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express, extend our most sincere condolences to the families of our first-responders as we remember 19 of our bravest men and women who lost their lives yesterday in Yarnell, AZ.



May their memories be  a blessing.

19 roses


31 thoughts on “Honoring our Fallen

  1. This was a terrible tragedy, no matter how well their families were prepared for something like this happening, it had to be difficult. These heroes deserve our respect.

    • Now I’m hearing there is a possibility people who live in Yarnell refused to evacuate (or couldn’t do so quickly enough) and there might be casualties found in the next few days. I’m devistated for the community of Yarnell, neighboring Prescott, and the beautiful State of Arizona.

  2. This was a horrible tragedy. I pray for the family and friends of these amazing 19 people who sacrificed their lives to protect others from the fires.

  3. This is very awful tragedy for all people here in AZ. I just pray everyone is safe now. Our 19 brave firefighters deserves honor. They died with cause and had made difference. Our sincere condolence to their loved ones, to their grieving families. This is truly heartbreaking. May God bless all the families of these heroes and hope they’ll will find peace. I saw their names and they are all so young. Widows with little children…you’ve got a lot of heroic story to tell about their dad when the right time comes.

    • I was thinking that, too, about the 2 children due this year. And the other little ones who might not understand. Fortunately the firefighting family is indeed a family and people from all over the state and country and going to help with the healing process.

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