Strong Passwords

What does this have to do with flowers or gift baskets? Nothing. So why am I writing this today? Because it’s important information for all of us, not just business owners, so I suggest you copy and paste or forward this on to everyone you know who uses the Internet. Gee, that’s everyone you know, isn’t it?


a lock

Many of us are waiting for the day when computer and online passwords will no longer be required. Can’t we do a fingerprint or optic scan to save us from having to remember long and complex passwords for hundreds of different websites?

That day is not here yet. And passwords do serve a vital purpose – to keep your personal and important data private. That’s why it’s worth your time to come up with a password that is difficult to guess but also easy to remember., a small business technology blog, offers a fun way to develop a memorable password that will be difficult for hackers to guess

1. Think of a line from your favorite movie. For example, “The Princess Bride”: “Only slightly less well known is this: Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”

2. Take the first letter from each word to come up with a string of characters. In this case, oslwkitngaaswdiotl. This password is already 18 characters – great!

princess bride

3. If it’s required or if you prefer, add some caps, numbers or special characters.

This inventive solution strikes sa balance between the gibberish and memorable by applying a simple algorithm to a phrase you already know.

Now, what are you going to do with this this information? You’re going to comment, you’re going to share, you’re going to copy and paste. And then you’ll come up with your own favorite movie line (since mine is only 4 words I’ll share it with you: “We’ll always have Paris” – – and if you don’t know where that come from, you need a lesson in romance!!)



23 thoughts on “Strong Passwords

  1. Shared. Not sure my friends can buy flowers in Phoenix but it might get spread .. you never know.. I think this is quite ingenious. I always use a capitol and two numbers but may use the same password too often.. is that not a concern ??

    • Thanks for sharing. This isn’t a Phoenix thing, this is a flower thing all over. No matter where you are, you should find a local flower shop and give them your floral business, not an on-line order gatherer that you don’t know anything about. That being said, I am told you should change your password every 60 days. But I’m sure there are others more computer-wise than I am who could give you better information.

  2. This is a great reminder for even those who set up accounts to order something as simple as flowers. If you are using easy to use passwords, people can hack into your account and possibly spend your money without you even realizing it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Now that you brought that up (I wasn’t going to mention ordering flowers from anyone other than us) here’s the scoop… If you order flowers on line from anyone other than a REAL FLOWER SHOP (from ftd or 1800flowers or proflowers or Teleflora or avesflowers or fromyouflowers or justflowers to name a few) you increase the chances of many things: 1) NOT receiving the value for your purchase 2) GETTING HACKED 3) being double-billed on your credit card 4) Not being able to get to an English-speaking customer service person. It’s quite a racket they have, those “order gatherers” who sit in a cubicle and take your order, process it, charge you a significant fee, take (and sometimes hack) your credit card information, then send the order to a REAL florist to be filled at a discount!

      OK, off the soap box for now. I’ll spend some time explaining this on a blog later. In the meantime, if you want to order flowers or a gift basket, contact your LOCAL flower shop.

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