White or White

#flowers #florist #giftbaskets We had the opportunity to design 2 stunning white funeral floral arrangements going to the same funeral on Saturday. Both flower orders were for about the same amount of money.

The first order for #flowes was placed online through an “order gatherer” (Teleflora), who is happy to take your money, charge you a service fee, and then send the order to a local florist at a discount of 73%.  Here is the arrangement we sent. (approximately 18X22)

The second order was placed at your local flower shop! @RoadrunnerFloristBasketExpress (approximately 32X34)
Why am I mentioning this to you?
Because you save money when you contact your LOCAL FLOWER SHOP! Why pay a service fee? Let your local florist design and deliver a stunning floral arrangement (at full value). Support your local economy instead of spending your hard-earned dollars who-knows-where.

How do you find a local florist? It’s easy! You can find a local florist online underneath the paid ads on google, yahoo, yelp or bing. That eliminates names like Teleflora,ftd,1800flowers,proflowers,justflowers,fromyouflowers,flowerssenttoday,newcityflowers,myflowers


It’s worth a minute of your time to CALL the number and ask these 2 simple questions:
1. Do you have a store where I can pick up flowers?
2. Do you have a person there who can design something for me while I wait?
If the answers are not YES and YES, then you have not found a local florist.
Turn that frown upside down by contacting a LOCAL FLOWER SHOP! smiley

We are always happy to be of service to you.

Pamela & Tina heads only

Pamela and Tina, your LOCAL FLORIST at www.Roadrunnerflorist.com

Now, don’t you think you can find and use a local flower shop for your flowers?


23 thoughts on “White or White

  1. I generally don’t send flowers but have received them from the phone in type. I intend to stop in at my local florist, have a chat, pick up a card & then pass info on to the far away family who do send them to me. Supporting small local business is important especially in today’s economy.

    • Supporting your local business is the #1 most important thing you can do! We local flower shops struggle to keep our names out there (especially on the Internet) because there are so many businesses who pretend to be local. It is always worthwhile to check to make sure you are dealing with a real local company! The next time (even if it’s the first time) you send flowers, remember to find a local flower shop!

    • That is the best thing you could possibly do, Roz!! If you will stop by your local florist, you will be supporting a local business that needs you! If you will give their information to your family far away and ask them to contact the shop directly (thereby omitting the middle man) it is a win-win situation! Kudos to you!!

    • Christy, it is my pleasure to extend a little bit of education to you and everyone else who chooses to purchase flowers from 1800flowers (for example). Although the flowers are designed and delivered by a local florist (ironic, isn’t it?) 1800 not only charges you for the flowers, but they charge you a service fee AND they charge the florist 27%! So if you order $100 worth of flowers, and you pay about $120 and the filling florist only gets $73. That is just one reason to contact the local florist in the first place and get your money’s worth!

  2. Thank you for this article. When it is possible and have good reference from the place, yes I prefer dealing with a local place.

  3. Always shop local! I was burned by online florist a long time ago, since then, i buy local! and my wife likes them.. i guess thats what really counts!

  4. Great tips! And I noticed this very thing you’re mentioning when I was searching online to send flowers, I couldnt believe how many of those services popped up in google results… on top of it, they were RUDE, didn’t answer the phone professionally AT ALL, and acted like they didnt want or need the business… when I figured it out that they were just a service that was a middle man… I got rid of them and looked for the local florist’s number 🙂 Thanks for letting people know this!

  5. Nice information. Supporting local businesses means saving a lot more. What is your basis for pricing?

    • Because we are a local flower shop, we are not committed to the pricing a person sees on the Internet. We cover the costs of doing business, of course, but we like to work with our customers within their budget. For example, if you choose a picture off the ‘net and it’s priced at $149.95, but your budget is $125, we will explain that we can design something “similar” to what you see, perhaps using different flowers, but with the same “feel”. If you were to order that online, you would be “stuck” with the pricing you see there. I hope that helps answers your question.

  6. Thanks for that information. Seeing the numbers that way makes it an absolute ‘no-brainer’ … and overrides every instinct we have when the Big Guys offer such incredible deals around the major flower-giving times (Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, etc.) I haven’t been crazy about the flowers I’ve received (through long-distance services) until my birthday recently, when I got the most gorgeous arrangement. I was floored. Until then I figured we just didn’t have any exciting florists in this neighborhood. But I held on to the card, then went to the florist. I never would have thought to check that location … but the talent and assortment was wonderful. I’ve sent that shop’s information to everyone who sends me flowers … and have used them for my own local needs.

    • EXACTLY!!! I am very proud of you and your willingness to do a little bit of discovery and advertisement for the local florist!! Each of us is an individual, and the Big Guys are trying to make all of us look like cookie-cutters (not only by design but also by cutting the amount of money we make) so they can control the Internet and the industry. I thank you and I hope you will continue to share positive experiences with all of your friends. p.s. if you would find that flower shop’s listing on google or yahoo or bing, and give it a 5-star review, it would help the local business’s listing on the Internet!

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