The Society of American Florists Annual Convention

How fortunate we were to be able to attend the SAF Annual Covention at Wild Horse Pass Resort last weekend!

What, you are asking, is SAF? It is a national lobbying organization that works on behalf of florists and other small businesses across the country. When SAF gets together once a year they host a convention to teach, to explore, to network, and in this case to share flowers. Lots and lots of flowers!

Here you see Tina standing next to a new variety of Baby’s Breath. It’s soft and fragrant and we use it with our roses and many other arrangements.

PES flowers 1

Here you see Pamela in the grand ballroom at Sheridan WildHorse Pass Resort with hundreds of flowers, including new varieties that will be available for our use soon! Yes, those are Gerbera Daisies. What colors do you see?

tina hydrangea

Those are the largest pink Hydrangea I’ve ever seen! Each one was about 11″ in diameter! What a stunning arrangement or bridal bouquet those would create. WOW!

Look behind me. Just over my right shoulder are the most beautiful BLUE flowers ever! Called Bella Donna (a form of delphinium) there were also blue hydrangea (seen over my left shoulder) and the purple flowers on my left are Lisianthus.

PES lilies

Here you see Pamela holding a new variet of pink lilies. We knew when we walked into the resort that we could follow our noses and find the lilies! There were hundreds of them, and you can see the Casa Blanca Lilies (white) just behind Pamela’s left shoulder. Yes, we carry these breath-taking, fragrant lilies in our shop!

PES pink roses

What floral convention would be complete without roses? Look at the size of the heads of these rose! Roses are “graded” , much the way diamonds are, and you can buy less-expensive/short roses (i.e., grocery or Big Box Store) or higher-grade roses like these at a flower shop. Just like the diamond you wear or give, it’s up to you to decide what quality you want, and it’s up to us to process the roses for an extended life expectancy (something you don’t get from a non-floirst or flowers deliverd in a box).

Stay with me and you’ll learn all about flowers and how they can made your life beautiful and happy! You’ll also learn the advantages to buying fresh flowers for your home or office, and how important it is to support Small Business America by finding calling Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ!


17 thoughts on “The Society of American Florists Annual Convention

    • Yes, roses are graded; That’s why there is such a difference in quality when you pick ’em up on the run at the grocery or big box store. There are many factors involved in keeping them fresh. I’ll work on a blog about it just in time for Valentine’s Day!

    • We attended the public part of the convention, where the flowers are shown and judged, as well as the competition for the Sylvia Cup. This convention is truly “follow your nose” and a win-win group of people who are interested in the future of the floral industry.

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