Smile! :)

Can you think of a few reasons to smile right off the top of your head? I’m sure I can…

A new baby. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


A birthday. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


An anniversary. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


A new business contact. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


A new neighbor or friend. Sure, that’s another reason to smile.


Which “smile” would you like to send to make another person smile?


Smile #1


Smile #2


Smile #3


Smile #4


Smile #5


Smile #6

Tell you what? You comment here and I’ll take down your name and email address. Then I’ll have a CONTEST and I’ll pick a winner, One lucky person will win a free SMILE from Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express! Good luck!


76 thoughts on “Smile! :)

  1. I loved the lightness of this blog & of course your visuals. Any arrangement with purple flowers are my favs , so # 3 & #4 would keep me smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Nick! I agree about the card. I have a special talent that helps people with this because so many have a difficult time coming up with the right words. I LISTEN to what they say when they tell me about the person or the occasion. People talk and I write every word down (in shorthand). Then I read back to them exactly what they have said! People are astounded at how perfect it is!

    • Thanks, Sharon. I wish I had designed the yellow smiley face!!! Every time I design this I can’t help but smile, and yes, it is like “putting smiling on steroids!”

    • Yellow roses can’t be beat. There are so many varieties (colors and shades) of yellow and it’s always fun to see which one turns up when it’s delivered by our wholesalers! Sometimes I identify them as “the Yellow Rose of Texas” and sometimes they’re impostors! But they’re always bright and cheerful!

    • Me, too!! When my daughter was little we had a rule: whoever found the money in the washer or dryer could keep it! That was my way of enticing her to empty her pockets. One day, sure enough, she found $100 bill in the washer. She knew it wasn’t hers, but rules are rules and she got the Benjamin. I think THAT made her smile!!

  2. You are so right! All of these things would definitely make me smile! The mugs are so cute and if someone sent that to me it would definitely brighten up my day! xo

    • Brittnei, as you can see we carry several different styles of smiley mugs. Each of them can be used after the flowers have lost their prime, and I think a person would smile each time! If you had put your morning coffee in a smiley mug, would it help you smile when you drink that coffee? I sure hope so!

    • That is a wonderful reason to smile! Congratulations! I have been sending my mother flowers on my birthday for more than 40 years! Every time she calls me and asks me why I did that, and I say without her I wouldn’t be here!! I hope you and your child had a great day celebrating!!

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