Halloween is just a week away!

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Have you thought about sending a Halloween gift to your family, your husband or wife, favorite customers, clients, doctors, accountants, lawyers or co-workers?

Let Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express help you! 


No tricks here!! Tina designs (and we deliver) a pumpkin full of Halloween goodies! Perfect for the office party. Our price: $34.95  (extra large $44.95)


Do you want to brighten up the office? Maybe put this on the reception desk. Bring a little Halloween you into your home. Let Pamela design Halloween flowers just for you.  Our price: $34.95  (extra full $44.95)


Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? That’s a green plant, of course! Pamela has a green thumb. Therefore our plants are amazing! You can’t go wrong with a plant from Roadrunner Florist! Our price: $44.95

5 years ago this week, Pamela was given 6 months to live after her heart attack and 5-way bypass. Feel free to call her and wish her a “Happy Birthday” between now and the end of the month. 602-246-1271   I know she’ll be happy to hear from you! (or you can email her at flowerdoc3@aol.com).

FREE DELIVERY! Order your Halloween treats, flowers or plant and receive FREE DELIVERY in Metro Phoenix! Mention WP for this special discount! Offer expires 10-29-13.


61 thoughts on “Halloween is just a week away!

    • Yes more and more people are sugar and/or gluten free these days. I always felt (as a child) that people on any kind of restrictive diets got cheated at Halloween. But today, things are different. Today there is sugar-free just about everything (from candy to cookies to soda) and gluten free is available, too. I have been looking into more gluten free additions to my holiday gift baskets this year because I’m hearing more and more people asking for it, and of course I’,m happy to oblige.

  1. They’re all fun, and a great way to bring the Halloween spirit to parents themselves … who are usually relegated to finding the costumes and buying the candy! I especially like having an option with a live plant so it survives the occasion …

  2. These make some great gift ideas… and I can’t believe that Halloween is only a week away.. WHAAA.. time flies.. need to get busy in planning and hosting the party…

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