What are you priorities?

Pamela and I know our priorities.First we take carof ourselves. 

Pamela & Tina heads only



We eat well. We sleep well. We pray.We enjoy our friends and families.

129 pat from CATina and LindaLauren and Harp

Second, we enjoy our hobbies. Pamela plays her musical instruments.

Glendale band small

Tina sings.

tina outside

Third, we run our business.

cover for facebook

Our customer service can’t be beat. We treat our brides as if they are the only bride we’ve ever worked for.

wedding bridal bouquetdebbie bridalbridal bouquetred bridalbridal bouquet 1 website builder

We express our condolences with personal care and concern for the family.

Tina and funeral for ladyFuneral ursula 1red white & bluepes and funeral flowersYee

pink wreath

We celebrate birthdays.

Happy Birthday bear mediumgift basket with flowers21 bday

cupcake tallCake for Julie

We celebrate anniversaries.

Pamela does Hawaiiyellow roses mediumgarden square 1southwest basket medium

We love babies!

bath time basket medlbaby boy good samFor heather mediumbaby block

We help get you out of the dog house when you’re in trouble. PES doz red roses






We grace your Thanksgiving table with beautiful cornucopia or fall centerpieces that say Thank you.

cornucopia 2012 - 1 for Erinsunf roses liliesrainbow vase

We celebrate the joys of the holiday season with Hanukkah flowers.

orchid with butterflybeauty in a basketFor Murobox for megan

We design and deliver Christmas gift baskets and Christmas arrangements and centerpieces.

xmas fruit basket with bow medium - Copyxmas centerpiece with hurricane medium - Copyxmas gourmet basket medium Xmas sleigh  $45xmas 2 candle centerpiecexmas green

We delivery to local hospitals every day,

Bee well basketvegie basket mediumBee well with purple mediumsmiley by pes

We drop everything, even on Valentine’s Day, to send flowers,snacks or a plant to a person in Hospice.

crotonBasket with dog mediumyellow for sharonmixed carns

For top notch customer service, fresh flowers, unique gift baskets and yes, Tina & Pamela, call, click or come by today!

We have our priorities right. Do you?



84 thoughts on “What are you priorities?

  1. This is such an awesome blog. I love learning more about the two of you, your priorities and of cause the various arrangements for different purposes. The visuals are top notch. You asked a good question and one I just started exploring.

    • Thanks, Roslyn. I work hard at explaining and expressing myself (and our business) in the blog and I know it takes of your valuable time to read and comment. That puts you right up there in #3, working the business and thanking you for being so considerate.

  2. Family first without a doubt, from my two adult children to my two four-legged children. My business comes after that along with all that entails. Of course, I also need to keep myself a priority as well because if I am not well, then nothing else can be either!

  3. beautiful arrangements.. I love to send my friends some just to show them I care… Love your pictures, thanks for sharing… that reminds me I need to get my Christmas orders in ….

  4. Yes, it is so important to have a healthy balance in our lives. I learned this the hard way but managing much better now.

    • Good morning, and thanks!! You’d be surprised how many flower arrangements (mostly roses) we sell to help get a guy out of the dog house! They come in and I can tell they’re in trouble by their demeanor. Most of the time they take the flowers directly to her, but we know if we deliver them the girl might refuse them! I even have an enclosure card with a picture of a guy in a dog house!!

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