November Holiday Trivia Contest!

Hello, fellow bloggers, and welcome to the 4th day of our November Holiday Trivia Contest! Many of you are already participating (thank you!) and you are all welcome to join today, AND EVERY DAY for the rest of the month!

Let’s see. First the rules. In a nutshell here they are:

1) Answer a question. Simply put a ‘comment’ in the appropriate place.

2). The first and thirteenth correct answer is the daily winner. Those names go into a hat and at the end of the month one winning name will be drawn from the hat!

3) Winner wins a fresh Winter Greens Swag, custom designed by Pamela, with holiday greens and a hand-made bow, perfect for hanging on your door! (Winner need not be present but will have to come in to pick it up). Not here? That’s OK. You can give the swag to a person in Phoenix!

So, we already have winners for the first 3 days.

Today is day 4. The question is pinned to the top at

You can’t win if you don’t play so come back every day!



18 thoughts on “November Holiday Trivia Contest!

    • Yes, Alexandra. Did you see the facebook post last night that YOU are one of the daily winners? I’m stretching the rules a bit (gee, why not? It’s my contest!). I posted the 6 names last night and you are one of them! Don’t forget to enter today, and every day!

    • I know what you and your children are going to be doing this Christmas! You’re going to watch this movie, for sure! It’s a classic! It will probably be shown on TCM and it’s a wonderful movie about Christmas! That being said, although your concept is nice, that is not what “proved” the existence of Santa Claus!

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