16 days till Christmas!

Sure, you think Christmas isn’t until December 25th, right?


If you’re going to send gift baskets across the country (or around the world), Christmas is in just a few days! Why? Because guaranteed shipping for Christmas Delivery ends in 16 days!

December 18th is the LAST DAY for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!

What does that mean? It means I’m a busy little Christmas bee (OK, wrong holiday…)

I’m a busy little Christmas elf…

Tina designs a basket medium  fruit with xmas treeXmas 2010 fruit basketxmas gourmet basket

So, while you’re making your list and checking it twice, I’m working to make sure your holiday gift baskets arrive on time!

Golder in a box Mesa Air in a box xmas 2011

You can order on line at http://www.roadrunnerflorist.com or call me at 602-246-1271 or toll free at  888-446-1271.

Be a good Santa’s Helper and don’t wait until the last minute!



74 thoughts on “16 days till Christmas!

    • Not much, Michelle!! I’m up early and at the shop (I’m running late today) usually before 8. Stay until 6 this week, and usually until 8 or 9 next week! Then home for a little bit of rest, and back at it again! I get more accomplished in the evening when the phone’s not ringing than I do all day long!!

  1. I loved seeing all your pics! Fruit assortments are a great idea for the holiday! A good reminder not to wait too late to order!

  2. I can’t believe that we are so close to Christmas. These look like awesome gift baskets, I hope the recipients enjoy them. 🙂

  3. Hopefully people won’t wait till the last minute to buy this year. You really have fabulous gift baskets with prices that are really reasonable..

  4. The baskets look wonderful and the packaged gifts too. I started packing gifts today, so I don’t get crazy before Christmas and spend a day on packing them…

  5. Good point that basket-giving is a few days away! Some relatives and close friends will forgive you and even like getting them at New Year’s, but nice to have them on time for the Holidays 😉

    • I agree with you that some people will forgive you if your gift arrives late. Gee, I have one corporate customer who orders on December 20 EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Their gift baskets certainly don’t make it in time for Christmas, and sometimes not even for New Years!!

  6. Thanks for the time tip. I love to send flowers to my Grandmother back in FL. She always facebooks pics of them proudly displayed at the family get together. I love your arrangements and gift sets, beautifully put together.

    • That’s wonderful Chrishelle. Make sure you are contacting a florist in her hometown, not a national company that pretends to be local. Before Valentine’s Day I’m going to do a few blogs about that to help people determine how to find a real, local flower shop!

    • Yes, this is a great idea because it can be shipped, and of course delivered too. I can tell that people who shop mostly on the Internet are accustomed to things being shipped. We’re not. We DELIVER (at least here in the Valley of the Sun). I’ll be posting information about that between now and Valentine’s Day.

  7. omg you just scared me I was like WTH do you mean Christmas is in 16 days… glad to know that you have a cut off date I didn’t know that you did I thought you could order up to the day before Christmas… Your flower arrangements and baskets look so beautiful to bad you are not local…

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