Such a busy day!

We love it when we’re busy at the flower shop! WHEW, I finally have a minute to post some pictures of the amazing floral arrangments going out today. Do you have a favorite?



And then there are Hawaiian Tropicals!


And 2 funeral covers, one all white and one pink and white.


And plants! We love to decorate our plants. Do you like them?



I know what we’re doing today to make is special. We’re delivering flowers and smiles!

What are you doing today that’s making it special?


41 thoughts on “Such a busy day!

    • Which one do you like the best, Debbie? The top one is a design for a funeral going out in a few minutes (the family is from Hawaii!). When we have the tropicals in the store, they seem to fly out the front door!

  1. These arrangements are so stunning! There`s just something about the softness and beauty of flowers and pinks and reds, they just instantly evoke joy. Wish I could smell them through the screen 🙂

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