Is it a Blog?

Those of you who know me are aware that Pamela E Smith, Michigan State University Floriculture Graduate owns Roadrunner Florist and I own Basket Express, 2 local Small American Businesses located under one brick and mortar roof at 2007a W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ.

New shop signs medium

We appreciate your reading about us, and commenting, and sharing, and being our customers and friends.

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Over the years we have developed amazing websites  and for your shopping experience.

We have a facebook page that you can Like!


I also created a WordPress blog (that’s this one) where I post pictures of the designs we create and reminders of upcoming holidays and other tidbits that I think you might find interesting.

I have an email blast that I send to customers who are kind enough to give me their email addressees (they do this because I send them a picture of the flowers or gift basket we design and deliver for them) and I have  joined several blogging threads to attempt to get our information “out there on the web”.

In a recent discussion about Google+, I received this comment: ” Tina Ashburn If you check the comments that both J**  and I left for you on the G+ thread we were doing,….  I found yours more difficult because it isn’t really a blog but a business website.” (Emphasis added).


After my tears subsided, I read this:


One thing I really love about this group is that there is a spirit of inclusion. There are many various types of blogging, blogs and bloggers here and we try to respect each other’s differences. Personally, I think it’s awesome that small business owners like Tina Ashburn take time to blog and connect with customers and potential customers. To say that it’s not a blog doesn’t seem fair. We all blog for diverse reasons and objectives. I’m just saying.”

I thanked her profusely and she replied: “Hi Tina, It was my pleasure to defend your blog. I’ve been in a few groups that judged bloggers who have a product to sell and a thriving business. It’s not right and I’ve been happy to find that this group doesn’t do that. Till I saw the comment about your blog. Hope that the confusion gets worked out and you get the hang of Google+ networking as a team.”

It helps to have friends who write things like this:  “you are a flower arrangement artist!” and this: “Gorgeous! Makes me want spring even more :)”

We take pride in helping our customers send the gifts they want to send. Like a dozen red roses. Or a dozen red roses and 2 white ones. Or a dozen red roses with sunflowers. Or a dozen red and pink roses.

doz super red rosesroses 12 red 2 whitedozen red and sunflowersred and pink roses

To the best of my knowledge, I have never tried to sell anything on this blog.

But I do post beautiful flowers (and gift baskets) and I invite you to comment on them.

So, the question remains: IS THIS A BLOG?


91 thoughts on “Is it a Blog?

  1. Of course it is a blog! Just because it is being written in promotion of a business doesn’t make it any less of a blog. Truth be told, most of us mom bloggers run our blogs as small businesses so how is that any different?

  2. I think it is definitely a blog. There are many different types of blogs, so how can someone judge? I love seeing the pictures of gift baskets and arrangements you have made. You have a gift.

  3. What Angela said! I’ve done a ton of ghost writing on others business blogs and you do what I did – find a theme and then a product of yours that goes with that.

  4. Oh good grief…people need to stop! I like business that actually talk to their customers and engage them learning about their products! YOU define what works for you and call it whatever you want to call it and let the naysayers go suck their thumbs in the corner!

    • Thanks Debi, that’s what I think, too. I think this is a blog. When I first started, one of m friends told me I should use the blog as a webpage (save money) and I said no, I need a shopping cart on my webpage and this is not supposed to be a place to shop. I think I made the right decision.

  5. To my knowledge, the writer defines the scope of his/her blog. This is a blog because it is your space to write, express, share, exclaim who you are and what you do; then publish it and add it to the blogosphere. No other person can change that or take ownership of the entire domain. That’s what I love about blogging! Blog on!

  6. Yep. this is a blog. You don’t have to sell anything if you don’t want. But I bet you would get some sales from your lovely pictures if you should ever decide to take order from here.

  7. You silly thing! Of course this is a blog. A blog is an online diary and you share all types of things in a diary. You share photos of your lovely flower arrangements and they always bring a smile to my face! You have a talent for writing and for arranging flowers. I am always happy when I see a post from you!

  8. Yes, a blog. It is a fact that thriving businesses have blogs because people shop and get their information online. Those of us who have an online presence for any reason should be networking with each other and supporting each other. I am glad to know you from networking/blog groups because I live in Chicago but ALL my many family members live in Phoenix and Tempe Arizona. When I am in need of flowers for any of them, I know that I can contact you and get the best flowers and service without a second thought. I want to do business with a company I trust. Knowing you makes it that much sweeter!

    • Thanks so much, Jenny! I look at this blog as a way to send information over the “net to people like you! When you’re ready for flowers, I know we can help you! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

  9. I think you create beauty and that is no different than quilting or crafting. Can anyone tell me they have never sold something they make?! until then I see no difference and only see it as you sharing your creations.

    • Thanks, Debbie. Blogs I read are often selling things, from books to marketing to crafts to paintings to food. I’m not certain why I was picked on the way I was, but it helps to know you see this as a blog not a website.

  10. There are a lot of business that have blogs that highlight their products. Since I’ve been reading yours I’ve never once seen you advertise saying “buy this”. You show your lovely arrangements that I actually enjoy seeing. Keep showing us your beauties!

  11. Aww, I’m so sorry this happened to you but just remember – there is always going to be hater out there. Maybe they are jealous? Maybe they are just miserable people who need to be hating and causing trouble to feel happy (or so they think). Hang in there, I love this blog 🙂

    • Thanks, Danielle. I don’t know what was behind the comment (maybe she was having a bad day?) but it sure made me feel awful for someone to say that to me. It helped a lot that another blogger came to my defense right away, and it helps tremendously that everyone here seems to think this is a great blog worth continuing. Thanks!!

  12. Yes it is a blog! You write about your passion! Forget the ones that are quick to make negative statements! Your flowers are beautiful and your passion and love shows in your flower arrangements and in your words on your BLOG!!!

    • Thanks so much, Debbie. I have always felt this is a blog and it was very difficult for me to read that someone said it is not. You have reinforced my belief in the blogging world!

  13. I agree that this is a blog. Your business has a blog to help sell its services and reach customers. Each blog is different, some people only share recipes, others tell all their personal stories. On my blog I share business advice. All are blogs. Keep your head up and keep going!

  14. Oh, Tina, of course it’s a blog and a beautiful one at that! I love the pics that you share of your arrangements and gift baskets. You are sharing your business as well and that’s a good thing. We all do! Please brush off negative comments. They are not worth your time. Every time I’m here, on one of your blog posts, it brightens my day. 🙂

  15. My dear Tina… YES! It’s a blog. And I love your blog, it makes my heart smile!

    If someone has the misguided idea that you should not make $$$ using a blog? They are so mis-informed. And… I might add, jealous of you that you are! Tee-hee… Jeepers! Under what rock have they been hiding? There are gazillions of bloggers working from home using exactly their blogs to inform clients of what they offer.

    Know what you should do? Share some of these comments w.them. Might open their eyes to the opportunities they are missing. Keep on blogging my friend. You are GREAT at it! XOX

  16. I love the feedback that your defender offered. No one should ever be so judgmental or abrasive! The beauty of a blog is that you get to connect with those who believe in, appreciate, and value you and your content. It doesn’t matter what a few people think, it only matters what your readers and followers think!!!!

    • Thanks, Don, for the feedback. Interestingly enough, even though I posted this on the very thread where the issue originated, I have not had a comment from the offender! That being said, as you can see, everyone else seem to think my blog is beautiful. I appreciate your honesty and loyalty!

  17. It is most definitely a blog. The key is to reach YOUR audience. There is no one size fits all for that. You highlight your beautiful arrangements – that is key to your business. Keep doing what you are doing! The important thing is to find the time to continue to reach out. A specific format is not a requirement.

  18. By now Tina you should be convinced it is a blog, it is your blog and only because you asked I’d like to request that you go out of either your comfort zone and take your blog to another level. I would love to learn/read about the flowers you use- where they grow, variety of colors that flower comes in, dont mix this with that. We just read on R & R Design’s blog about creating evergreen/cornerstone articles. I would love to know how you and Pam hooked up, answer some of the frequently asked questions. In other words- add a little content and ALWAYS include photos of your arrangements. I know, it takes time and effort and believe me I know. I would love to just post 5 photos of necklaces and have everyone say how pretty, etc, but as I’ve been learning all year, blogs ‘should’ provide value- beautiful things to look at is value and you can choose to add value+. It also gives us more juice for comments.

    • Boy, oh boy, I’m so glad I asked and I’m so glad you answered! Your post today about creating everegreen/cornerstone articles was to interesting to me that I printed it for later perusal! So yes, I intend to add a little more personal information as you suggest. I must ask: what do you mean by “Don’t mix this with that”? So, now that I have more information and a new lease on blogging, WATCH OUT WORLD!! (thanks thanks, thanks!)

  19. I think its a blog. A blog is whatever the person making it wants it to BE, in my mind. I love seeing your arrangements. There will always be people saying hurtful things, unfortunately, but its your business and your blog.

  20. Hello Tina,
    I feel it is a blog, you can’t go onto sites that sell products and spill your heart out or make comments like which are here! Don’t give up!! Out Here In The West We Do Things Our Way!

  21. Looks like a blog to me, if it’s not then I don’t really know what’s what anymore lol Forget the haters that says that it is not a blog! ❤ Like everyone is saying to you, keep on blogging! Cheers!

  22. lol, I was confused when reading your dilema. The purpose for any business to blog is to hopefully promote their product and/or services in a friendly, personal and non-salesy way which is exactly what you are doing. So what’s the beef????

    • Terri, I’m not sure. The lady said this is not a blog, but a website. So, if you don’t mind my telling you why this bothered me so much, here it is. I have had the website for a long long time. When I started to blog, one of the people who helped me told me to give up the website and use the blog instead. But I didn’t do that because I see a difference … that is one full of daily information and one being a place to purchase flowers & gift baskets. So when this lady said my blog is not a blog, I was really insulted. I’m not certain what basis she used to make this determination. I did delete the rest of her comment (which you wouldn’t understand unless you knew we were discussing google+ and my process of learning how to use it). But thanks to everyone here, I am putting her words behind me and I am going to continue to grow this blog!

  23. YES, this is a blog! You express yourself and stay honest and authentic about your business. You share your thoughts and ideas with people and never sell. I’d say again: yes, this is a blog. Nobody has any right to criticize the way you express yourself. Keep going!

  24. Other than people who write and post articles solely to share their philosophy of life, most other blogs exist in order to support the marketing of a product or service. So, as they say, “Where’s the beef?” Keep those pretty arrangements coming, Tina! And if you want to add more information about caring for flowers, how you combine colors in your arrangements, seasons, traditional meanings of different flowers, where they actually come from, etc., you would be adding that much more value!

  25. My question? What is wrong with having a blog for a business? Most businesses sell something, otherwise they would not be in business. For me, a blog for a business provides useful information about whatever it is the business does. Yes, I would say you have a blog! I love seeing all your beautiful and creative arrangements… you truly are an artist.

    • Pat, I don’t know what is wrong with having a blog for a business. Honestly, I don’t. Actually, I know a lot of people who use their blogs for business (Gee, Norma does, after all) by providing experience and education and opportunities. Blogging doesn’t necessarily “what I’m doing with my children today”, does it? I appreciate your vote of confidence and I will continue to blog floral arrangements and gift baskets.

  26. Definitely a blog! You connect on a personal level with your visitors and share stories with your own voice. Just because you have a product to sell shouldn’t count against you. Many of us bloggers try to make a buck as professional bloggers, why does the fact that you sell a tangible product rather than reviews or exposure make you any less legitimate?

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