Yes, it’s a blog!

The votes are in!!


By an overwhelming 26-1 (the one being the lady who accused me of thinking this wasn’t a blog in the first place), the votes are in that this is indeed a blog! And as such I plan to continue to post pictures of our flowers & gift baskets, ideas for you and your friends, plans for holidays and experiences, and yes, more flowers & gift baskets! I’m so thankful to all of you who said I should ignore the lady who said “I found yours more difficult because it isn’t really a blog but a business website.” (you can read her comment and all of the follow-up comments here

Now, let’s get back to flowers & gift baskets, shall we? I want to post only one picture here today. It’s 3 dozen roses! Yes, you read that right! A man called from Ohio. He had forgotten his girlfriend’s birthday and he asked that we design and deliver 3 dozen roses (2 dozen red and 1 dozen pink). Here’s Pamela’s creation, which was delivered in less than an hour!

3 doz roses

Because we’re a local flower shop we can offer that type of customer service! No on-line order-gathering 1800 number could have filled this order as beautifully or as quickly as we did.

We need your help in supporting the local floral industry. Today, tomorrow and in the future, remember to contact your local flower shop for all of your gift-giving needs. We are your neighbors and friends, supporters of local schools, sponsors of little league, and Bronco fans!

Who are you going to call, click or come by the next time you order flowers?


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