What a Holiday!

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What a holiday it was! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to our customers and friends, who shared Valentine’s Day with us! We had a blast designing and delivering beautiful roses and floral arrangements!

How can I resist posting pictures? Here we go!

Let’s start with roses. Why? Because they are the #1 best seller for Valentine’s Day.

Our roses were top-florist quality, not the stuff you find at the grocery store. Long stems, large heads, long-lasting, professionally arranged and delivered.


red in silver vase red roses red vase


doz with white lilydoz with white lily


lavender roses with purple bow lav roses


John Graypink and red roses 


doz mix roses with vday trim   great with sunflowers   


6 roses and moreU of A vdays beauty with casa blanca 


 gerbs for vday soft gerbs


roses daisies girbs  oh myvday mix red vasepink roses in a bowlpink and red funroses lilies daisies


love with bear 


spring tulipostulips mixed

One of our customers told me he would be my “surrogate Valentine” (after he ordered flowers for his wife!) when I told him I don’t have a Valentine. Did you get flowers from your Valentine this year?

Share your Valentine’s Day experience here! I’d love to read about your day!


65 thoughts on “What a Holiday!

    • Me, too! They’re called Cool Water. This year they were the most beautiful ever! We brought in 50, which is only 4 dozen arrangements. Here you can see 2 arranged by the dozen and one arrangement with 6. That didn’t leave much for us to “play” with, so Pamela designed a dozen with 6 lavender and 6 pink (sorry, but I don’t have a picture). So pretty!!

  1. When I did not see your link in the thread – I thought – bet they are having a heck of a busy week! Glad to hear that you had a rewarding week – your flower arrangements are beautiful. I am positive you brought so many happy smiles to the people that received your flowers.

    • Thanks, Debbie. About a week ago I ‘announced’ that I was going incognito for a week! It was indeed a difficult week. So many things to do, so many people to please, not enough time, not enough flowers, and not enough money!! We’re tired, but we know the people who received our flowers have beautiful professional arrangements that will last several days (not the same for people who picked up their flowers at the grocery store!). Thanks for thinking about me.

  2. Oh, all your flowers are gorgeous! I’m glad you didn’t have to worry about winter storms preventing deliveries — it would have been terrible for recipients not to have been able to receive those beautiful, thoughtful gifts from their loved ones. The roses are all stunning!

    • Lois, thanks. So many florists dealt with Mother Nature this past week. I’m reading stories about shops there were unable to deliver flowers, and the owners are beside themselves. Some that we able to get out had to wrap the roses (in layers of brown paper) and in some cases even that didn’t keep them from freezing. I feel terrible for the small businesses, and unhappy for the customers who didn’t get their flowers on Valentine’s Day.

  3. I love flowers of all kinds, but esp roses. I don’t have a Valentine. But my Mom & sister did send me a box of chocolates. And I passed my Certified Personal Trainer exam on Valentine’s Day morning, so I took myself out to eat that evening to celebrate. 🙂

    • Hurray for Gerberas! They’re so delicate and pretty, and we can get them almost year ’round now. I love working with them, too. Lilacs in the desert? No! Hydranea, yes, but they don’t last long (we have no humidity). Tell you what? Walk into your local flower shop and Smell!!

  4. I didn’t realize there were lavender roses. They are so pretty. I want to find a lavender rose bush for our garden. And, the bear is cute too, as are all your arrangements.

    • If you’re looking for a lavender rose bush, try Blue Boy or Blue Girl. Depending on where you live, they are very difficult to grow, and don’t be disappointed if they don’t bloom at all the first year. Treat them like your children and keep them from frost, cut them down when you’re supposed to, and don’t forget water and fertilizer. Ask at your local nursery for the time that’s right for your climate. Then, don’t forget to talk to it and love it, and post pictures when you have roses!

  5. I’m happy to say I did indeed get not one bouquet of beautiful flowers, but two, from my husband. He always has a hard time deciding…lol…so I end up with the classic beauty of roses and then a different arrangement of all sorts of beautiful flowers! 🙂 I’m feeling a bit spoiled.

    • Yes, many florists who were impacted by the weather are going to have a difficult time recovering from the loss. Many had their roses and couldn’t deliver them. Many didn’t get the orders in the first place. Weather is one thing we can not control and I feel sorry for them. Fortunately we’re in the desert southwest and we had not only amazingly beautiful roses but also 85+ degrees!

    • You have no idea! It’s one day of torture. Mother’s Day is a week, Christmas is a month, but every single delivery for Vday must be on one single day. We had drivers coming and going all day (the first 4 started at 8 a.m.) and people walking in all day, too. And the phone? We’re very organized or we’d never get it all done. The only thing we don’t do on Valentine’s Day is take a picture of every arrangement…there just isn’t time.

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