Sympathy tributes

Today I want to spend a little time writing about appropriate sympathy tributes.

Although many obituaries say something like “in lieu of flowers”, we have learned most families appreciate the beauty and softness flowers provide at a funeral or memorial service. The obituary request, often suggested by the funeral director, is more a suggestion than a demand, and people are certainly welcome to send condolences in whatever manner they deem appropriate.

Funeral flowers come in all styles and colors, multiple colors, red, white and blue, or all white. Ranging from large funeral sprays and casket covers (sometimes called blankets), they are expressions of sincere loss. Here are a few examples of funeral sprays and casket covers designed by Roadrunner Florist.

Image Image ImageImage



Another very popular floral arrangement is the traditional basket. These can be filled with flowers or all types and designed in all price ranges. Here are a few examples of traditional funeral baskets.


Many people choose to send green plants to funeral services as a long lasting tribute to the deceased.


Appropriate for Jewish funerals are fresh fruit and goodie baskets.

Image Image


It is important that each of us convey our condolences in our own special way.

Let us help you send your thoughts and prayers to a grieving family with fresh flowers or a gift basket from Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.


92 thoughts on “Sympathy tributes

  1. Beautiful arrangements. Thanks for including the various types available depending on religion. It demonstrates your sensitivity and caring, which conributes to your providing great service.

  2. If you look at each arrangement individually and seek out its energy, you’ll see that each seems to convey a specific subtle message. While all flowers are beautiful, their combinations can really say different things. That’s why it’s so important to work with someone caring and sensitive when such important arrangements are being selected …

    • Diana, that is the opportunity to “trust” the local florist. We know what to design that will convey your condolences. No, not a program (click and magic) like 188flowers or proflowers but a real flower shop, where you talk to the designer, find out what’s fresh and what will convey your sentiments.

  3. Tina, I’m thankful for your professional insight into the issue or flowers or not. In our area people always include that phrase, “in lieu of flowers.” I’m glad that you have stated, clearly, what people like. The other thing I always have a problem with is what to write on the card. I get so awkward when I have to write a condolence card. 😦

    • Thank you so much. Yes, writing the card can be very difficult. When I take an order, I find out the relationship with the deceased (family, friend, distant cousin, etc).. The other thing I do is I let the person talk to me, and since I take shorthand I write down every word they say. (Yes, honestly I do this!!). Then I can read it back word-for-word and that is usually what they want on the enclosure card. For example, “I loved the time I spent with my uncle when we went fishing and then we played catch. I’m glad he married Aunt Mary and was there for me as I was growing up”. Then we decide if we’re going to write it TO the uncle for to the FAMILY (which means changing a few words). This becomes a very personal sentiment and usually the tears fall on both sides of the phone.

  4. These are all great arrangements. When my father passed we asked for donations in lieu of flowers. We received a few arrangements and they meant quite a bit to my mother.

    • Nicky, it’s wonderful that the flowers you did receive were meaningful to your mother because the donations that were made were helpful to the hospice or the church or the school or wherever they went, but they were not a something that your mother could take home and enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Those flowers are all so pretty! The last funeral I went to was in Mexico, where they traditionally have ‘coronas’ – or crowns – made of flowers. At my grandma’s funeral there were at least 20 huge ones all lined up.

  6. Everyone gives their condolences differently. For example, giving flowers in our culture is actually offensive in some cases during a funeral. But for other occasions, like weddings and graduations, it is encouraged.

  7. Lovely arrangements. I would rather have flowers at a funeral to lighten the mode, but to each there own. All these arrangements just makes me feel warm. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like the idea of conveying sympathy in a way that’s right for you and maybe represents the kind of relationship you had. This makes it a really personal tribute 🙂

  9. I love that so much care is put into each of the designs. I know that when I buy flowers, I really want it to be special. So I’m really glad to find a company that cares this much.

    • You are not alone in wondering if you can trust the floral company to care. Remember this: your local florist is in business to help you with all of your gift-giving needs. He/she’s not a computer somewhere, or a phone mill. He’s your neighbor and friend.

  10. That’s such a beautiful selection. I always think that flowers for remembrance remind up of the circle of life and the hope that life will eventually be filled with happiness again after such a sad time.

  11. What beautiful arrangements, Tina. My favorite items to send during a loss is the peace lily (I know that is not the right name) and/or a fruit basket. I was given a peace lily years ago and it is still blooming today. It is a wonderful reminder of the people who gave it to my family during a very difficult time. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and ideas.

    • Thank you for sharing that with me, Robin. The peace lily (yes, that is the right name) is the traditional plant for a sympathy for the exact reason you state: it is a living reminder of the thoughtfulness of the sender and the life of the deceased. Many people send fresh fruit baskets, too, so the family can enjoy it when they get together to celebrate life. I am thankful that you liked these photos and ideas.

  12. Love all your creations. I’m glad to hear that fruit & goodies baskets are appropriate as well. It makes perfect sense. Do you know if all florists offer those kind of options as well?

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