Are you using the blog?

I spent some time last week asking myself why we blog.

I came up with 3 main reasons

1. We blog to sell a service.

2 We blog to sell a product.

3. We blog to post ideas, recipes, fun times with family and friends.

Does your blog fit into one of those main categories? And even more importantly, are you actually USING the products and services offered on the blogs?


I am happy to tell you I am using the products and services offered by bloggers I know!

Oils! Have you checked out the oils? Loretta Smith and  DoTERRA Essention Oils 

Cypress Essential Oil

I have peppermint. WOW! It works for whatever ails ya!

And then there’s Send Out Cards. I LOVE Meli Horwitz and Send Out Cards! Have you tried them yet?    send out cards logo They’re perfect for thank you cards (I send them out regularly) and reminders, birthday cards, sympathy cards and, my most recent find: Oops, when you need just the right words to apologize!

Everyone knows I’m crazy about Harper! She’s my granddaughter. Yes, we all brag about our grandchildren, don’t we? (That’s part of #3 listed above!!). harper 11-13

So, here are 2 items I purchased for Harper.

The Harper Doll. From Real Sisters Gifts & Accessories. Check out their facebook page! They custom designed this doll to look like Harper (red hair and all!)

Harper doll

The Harper Bear! From Hand Knitted Dolls & Teddy Bears. Talk about a great teddy bear!

harper bearKathleen custom designed this one for Harper, too! Lots and lots of pink and she even put her name on a banner across the bear’s chest! How adorable is this!

Norma. What can I say about Norma? If you haven’t joined Norma’s business group, you are MISSING OUT! It’s luv luv luv. And I’m honored to tell you she designed the cover pages for my facebook and blog pages, too! Want great coaching on social media? Norma’s your gal!

the best is yet to be

Then there’s us, Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.  When is the last time you called us (or your local florist) to send flowers to someone you love?

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m going to be using more and more businesses on these threads in the future. Don’t be surprised if there’s a present in there for you, too!


82 thoughts on “Are you using the blog?

    • Yes, Robin, that’s #3, a great reason to blog! And I love receiving recipes and other kiddie ideas. I simply want to remind people that there are very valuable services and products offered by people with whom we are building a blogging relationship. Do you want to take a vacation? Consider one of the places you’ve seen here on the thread. Do you want to bake a great loaf of bread? Surely you can find a recipe here. Did you and your family go to Disneyland and inspire one of us to follow you? All are great reasons to use the products/services/information on our blogs.

    • That’s #3, and the reason a lot of people blog!! It’s fun, it’s new, and we can learn from those blogs. I hope you use the information you glean from those blogs. Do you have a favorite app? And have you acknowledged the person who provided it to you? How about your favorite gadget? The point of my blog today is for people to realize we blog for whatever reason we blog and it’s important for our readers to use our services/products/information in whatever way we can.

  1. I started blogging because I wanted to share a message about financial responsibility and the financial knowledge I had been lucky enough to learn. And from there it grew to a place where I now “converse” with a large number of friends and clients. 200 weekly articles later, it sure DOES have a momentum of its own! 😉 (BTW, Tina, how wonderful of you to promote those who have served you well. That’s blogging at its finest!)

    • I thank you for acknowledging the importance of promoting and using the services/products I use from fellow bloggers. Indeed the fact that you have grown your financial place into a “bog of its own” is proof that sharing useful information, and people following and using that information, is one reason we blog.

  2. How thoughtful of you to write a blog acknowledging the products and services you have used from these threads. Love this blog as it confirms the ways we support one another, social media does work as sales converters (I use Meli’s send out cards too) and it has me thinking about why I blog. When I first started blogging I focused more on #3- I wanted to share my journey late in life into entrepreneurship hoping to inspire others, that it is never too late to start again. Once my story was told, I expanded to include content about jewelry- yes- to showcase and sell my product and to encourage women to think about themselves in ways that may be new for them through accessorizing. I spent 30 years making a difference in other’s lives and this is another, though different path, to continue to do so.

    • Thank you, Roz, for understanding the purpose behind this blog. I think it is important to remind people that we are here for them, not only with recipes and helpful ideas, inspiration and thoughtfulness, but also with amazing products and services that we can utilize every day.

    • There is certainly nothing wrong with being hardcore #3!! The information you give to us is always useful and we appreciate it. That is your way of informing and educating us and those of us who print/share/copy your blog are “using” your blog information, too.

  3. Blogging is great way of sharing with people and you pointed on three great reasons to blog. I think each reason is mostly why people do blog and you hit on each idea very well: selling services, and products, and sharing ideas, recipes, and fun times. I think it’s good for people to know the reason they blog, to keep it going on the up and up, and to make it truly themselves. And the blogging relationship between us and the people that offer valuable services and products is an important one.

  4. This truly is wonderful! I love how you included so many of your fellow bloggers into your own personal blog. It is important to stick together and help each other out. Your reasons for blogging are spot on! I love finding information out about different products and services that are available. I also love reading about fun times with family and friends….especially Harper! She is absolutely adorable! 🙂

  5. All three reasons you’ve pointed out are great! I like that you’ve shared some of your favorites. I love the teddy bear for Harper and I believe you also purchased the doll. So sweet! 🙂 I enjoy blogging because of the relationships that are built by sharing, interacting and also what we can learn from one another!

  6. Tina you have such a great heart. The fact that you use the services and purchase the goods of some of your fellow bloggers shows your heart and how you pay it forward. I blog to get some exposure for my business….at least that’s how it started out. I actually really enjoy blogging and most times, they write themselves. I may not be great at it, but all the words come from my heart and my passion for what I do. Thanks for sharing your heart and your beautiful flowers with us

  7. What a great post Tina! It’s good to sit and think about why we blog, I have to admit in the beginning it was more personal and now more about learning to run. I really should get more on the personal side again. Your granddaughter is a cutie and lucky to have a grandma like you who buys such good quality stuff supporting such a great community we are in!

  8. Thanks so much, Gilly, for seeing the value of this blog and understanding how important it is that we support each other, not only reading and commenting but also by using the services/products we provide. If I use a recipe that I find on a blog, then yes, I have used that service, too! Keep up the good work!

  9. Honey, you blog about whatever you want to blog about!
    I love that I can peak in from time to time and you have something new and interesting for me to read. Thanks again!

  10. My first blog was because I needed to find a way to help support my family. My current blog is for sheer pleasure and to hopefully kick-start a career and break into a particular free-lance writing niche. Love that you use the services you listed. It’s great when others support small(er) businesses.

  11. Blogging in my humble opinion has always been the #1 preferred platform to sell a service. This way, it allows your visitors to like, know and trust you all across the board. It’s also a good way to build a list and if you’re not selling anything now doesnt mean you won’t in the future. Thanks for the great post!

  12. What a delightful blog! Yes, to all 3 reasons for having a blog. I sell the opportunity for people to have better health with nutrition and lifestyle tips as well as the best supplements available in the world. I also take advantage of as many of my associate bloggers offers as possible. My goal is to eventually be able to use even more of my associate bloggers products. I love having the connections. Thanks for reminding me of what I am involved in.

    • Yes, Debbie! All 3 is great! No one is better or more important than any other. This blog is a reminder that it is important to buy and sell and support each other’s wares, whether they are services, products, recipes, trips, give-aways or ideas.

    • Who knew indeed? So, if you’re blogging for a living, then you must be selling something, right? Are your fellow bloggers buying from you? The purpose behind my blog today was to remind people (as gently as I could) the value of each other when it comes to filling our needs.

  13. I started blogging to meet other people, but now I blog both to meet other people and as my “job.” I think it’s great all the ways people use their blogs!

  14. Blogging is such an amazing thing. I started out three years ago as something to share with people, and now im actually seeing a profit from my hard work, and efforts. Blogging keeps me accountable.

  15. Blogging is my creative outlet. I love writing and taking pics. Of course I talk about the things I love the most, my amazing family and their interests. It’s fun and if I am able to do some reviews and maybe make a little extra money then good for me. Everyone has their own reasons to blog.

    • Absolutely. You fit right into category #3. It’s the perfect category. The purpose of this blog was to let people know we need to support each other. That means enjoying the pictures your post, your family and your interests. It also means spending your hard-earned dollars supporting people here who sell their goods, from web design services to dolls to jewelry to fashion to flowers. We are all in this together.

  16. Excellent post Tina! It’s wonderful to get a bit more of ** you ** – it adds a nice dimension to what you write, and helps pull your audience closer to you. Your flowers aren’t the only things blooming this spring 🙂

    My passion is helping solopreneurs and small business owners create strategies for their own success. I blog to share what I’ve learned, to encourage ‘outside the box’ thinking and to offer different perspectives on how to get things done. That brings value to potential clients and helps them feel comfortable about hiring me as their business success coach.

    PS – love that you honored and supported other small businesses by including them in your post!

    • Thanks for “getting it”, Dawn. I know we blog for many different reasons. The purpose of this blog was to let people know how important (and easy) it is for us to support one another, not just with “like” and “comment” but with dollars and cents.

  17. I guess I blog for a lot of different reasons. I started originally because I quit my job to become a stay at home mom and opened up a home daycare… which was making me a little crazy. I needed a venting place. Well it turned into a business.

    • That’s terrific, Jenni!! A lot of people are defensive about being a #3 blogger but they shouldn’t be. Blogging should be fun. When your blogging turns into a business then your blog becomes a #1 or #2 and that’s what I was trying to highlight with this post…we should take advantage of the products and services offered by our fellow blogger whenever we can.

    • You are a perfect #3 blogger!! The purpose of this post was to remind all of us of the uses for the blogs and bloggers we know. For us that means enjoying your experiences and things you do with your boys. It also means using the other services and products offered by fellow bloggers, from toys to web services to recipes to jewelry to flowers. It’s all good. Keep on bloggin’!

  18. One of my friends gave me the same peppermint doTerra and it’s awesome. I keep it in my purse all the time. It’s great for bad breath and just cleaning your teeth. All these are such good blogging reasons. Definitely on my list!

  19. This is an excellent idea. I blog fro 2 of the 3 reasons you mentioned above. I have a few bloggers that I would love to showcase them on my blog so thank you for the great idea!

  20. To be honest I don’t really use the blog to do what I originally intended to do which was to chronicle my daughter’s growth. Instead I ended up doing so much other stuff. Its time I really get back to doing what I wanted to do at the beginning.

  21. I have fallen deeply in love with blogging. I don’t think I will ever stop now… in fact I’m starting another one! It began as a personal record keeping gig for me, but then I realized I was already promoting products that I love, so I just took it to the next level. I am very particular about who I affiliate with. If they are not a green or healthy product, then they must at least be providing a portion of their proceeds to humanitarian or global causes.

    • That is very very interesting. Congratulations on your decision to stick by your guns, enjoy blogging, and do some good at the same time! I am happy to tell you all of our flowers are green, except the ones that are red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, lavender, peach, white, blue and magenta!!

  22. I started blogging to tell the world about my glass art. Once I was blogging I discovered that I love to blog. Now I blog cuz i love it! I seldom discuss my glass – now I talk about all kinds of stuff!

    • You are SO WELCOME, Norma! Everyone who is fortunate to have you in their lives know how valuable you are. I wish everyone who read this post understood that it’s not about blogging but it’s about using the services and products that we offer each other. Thanks, Norma, for being you.

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