I had never met the bride!

I had never met the bride.

Why is that important? Because it’s HER day. She’s the one who matters the most (sorry, grooms, but it’s true). Brides are special and their wedding day is the most important day of their lives.

They’ll spend hundreds, yea, thousands of dollars on a dress they’ll wear one time.

They’ll spend thousands of dollars on food that is consumed and then, well, disposed.

They’ll spend thousands of dollars on a limo, a venue, a cake, a DJ and a photographer.

But their flowers? Nope. Brides don’t realize it’s the flowers that last throughout their entire marriage! Sure, I pressed my bridal bouquet and I still have it almost 40 years later!

In this case, the bride lives in Phoenix and she didn’t want any flowers. None. But her mother, who lives in New York, insisted that she carry something. Bride reluctantly said OK, pink and white. So mom called and ordered a bouquet for the bride, a smaller one for the bridesmaid and a floral arrangement for the mantle. The next day she called and changed it to orange roses and white gerbera daisies. Why? The bride decided it’s not such a bad idea to have flowers after all!

So, sight unseen, never ever talking to the bride, here is the wedding bouquet I designed for her. She picked it up and she LOVED it! When Pamela handed it to her I watched her eyes light up!

orange white brideorange white corsage

Her Bouquet and His Boutonniere!

And their mantle piece:

orange white centerpiece

A HUGE hit!

If you’re the bride, remember this: Your florist needs to hear from you! You need to tell them what you like, what colors and flowers you like, and let them work their design magic for you!




66 thoughts on “I had never met the bride!

  1. It is beautiful, love the colours. I have a niece who doesn’t want any flower at her wedding (when and if she gets married.) Her mom loves flowers so I can see her doing exactly the same thing.

    Is it a generation thing?

  2. WOW! Such beautiful arrangements! 🙂 No wonder everyone loved them so much! It really is a work of art. Thanks for sharing! Your pics always make me smile. 🙂

  3. Wow that is unbelievable! I am a bride to be and will be getting married in September and I can’t imagine not speaking with my florist. You did a great job though!

    • I’m so glad you are working with a local florist! Don’t forget to call a couple days before the wedding to make sure all the flowers are in and beautiful (and to make any changes that you need to make) and don’t forget to post pictures all over THEIR facebook page!

    • Thanks, Lois!! I, too, can’t imagine not having a long, detailed conversation with my florist! Gee, I can’t imagine that people actually order their wedding flowers from SamsClub or Costo and PRAY that they come in! (of course they’re cheap and they get what they pay for!!) Wedding flowers are so important!

  4. It must have been difficult not knowing much about the client but it turned out beautifully! I’m sure she looked beautiful on her special day, even more so with those flowers. Great work!

  5. The color of the roses is spectacular. (I might have expected you to use orange gerberas!) A perfect solution to someone who didn’t want something classic … lovely, Tina. But I didn’t realize you also had to be a mind reader in your industry! 😉

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