It’s up!! The new website for Tina’s Gift Baskets is UP and LIVE and ready for you to view, comment and shop!


Here are a few pictures that aren’t yet on the site!

easter basket 2014

Fun and Dandy Easter Basket

Easter basket with bunny

Easter Floral Basket with happy bunny

short erica short short for mcmurray

Happy Spring!


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  1. Congrats on your new site. I’m sure you feel really good. I like the design and the layouts. Looks really nice. Thanks for sharing the baskets and just in time for easter!

    • OMG, Connie, Norma is giving us so much work!! I hope the timing is right that the new site will get a great google boost (if I can figure out what Norma wants us to do every day!). Thanks for vising the site. If you get a moment, please comment on it on the testimonial page!

    • Caroline, I had never thought about this, but gee, I would love to speak with you about this after Mother’s Day. I do send flowers (and gift baskets) when people lose their animals, both to the animal owner and often to the veterinarian. Sometimes people send gifts to the vets after a successful surgery, too. Let’s talk…Thanks!!

  2. I’m a total flower freak. I don’t bother with growing food, just flowers and herbs. I even make flower essences from flowers all over the world. I LOVE that you have a whole section for tropical and Hawaiian flowers – they are so fabulous. Great website!

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