Why are our plants different from other plants?

Hmmm, that’s a good question! So I wonder…

1. First of all, there’s Pamela. She has a degree in floriculture from Michigan State University.

msu logo

That means she learned all about soil and fertilizer and light and bugs and disease and a million useful things, which is akin to having a green thumb!

2) Pamela became known as “The Plant Doctor” when she opened her first flower shop in Oak Park, MI, following graduation from MSU in 1971.

the plant doctpr

3) Then there’s selection. Pamela has learned which green plants will survive in the desert and which ones won’t and we don’t sell anything from the second option.

peace & forcythiaplant and pinkbirthday pothos

4) The Plant Doctor says, Don’t let their feet sit in water. The #1 reason plants die, their leaves turn yellow brown or black and they fall off is TOO MUCH WATER. If the plant is heavy or the soil on the top is damp, No Water.

watering your plant

5) How to water your plant? That’s easy. Water it. Drain it. Put it back in the basket or pot.

6) Treatment. I, Tina, like to tell people to treat their plants (and flowers) as they treat their children. If it’s too hot for your child, it’s too hot for your plant. Bring ’em in, people!

dracaena for susansuper planterpothos orchids tulips

7) Local. We are your local flower shop. That means you can depend on us to design and deliver the perfect plant for the occasion, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a get well, or an expression of condolence. Count on us at Roadrunner Florist Basket Express!


Who, What, When, Where and Why?

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I love to talk about flowers & gift baskets! I love posting pictures of our designs and sending them to you for your perusal.

But do you know who we are and when we started doing what we do?  Let’s see…

Pamela E Smith was born in Detroit, MI in 1944. Her dad was born on a street corner (honestly!) and was a policeman for the City of Detroit for almost 30 years! Her mom was a homemaker and a terrific cook. Pamela attended Michigan State Universitymsu logo

(Go, Sparty!) where she received a degree in Floriculture in 1971. She then opened a flower shop in Oak Park, MI, which she sold to move to Phoenix in 1979. That’s where she opened Roadrunner Florist and she’s been here ever since.

I’m Tina Ashburn, a Denver girl, and a Denver Bronco fan!

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I attended Clark College (now part of the University of Washington) in Vancouver, WA, before moving to Tucson where I met and married Richard. We moved to Phoenix in 1984 and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Lauren in 1985. I’m a grandmother now, to Harper, age 18 months. Photo

In 1992 I purchased Basket Express, and the previous owner introduced me to Pamela, who at the time was the full-time care-giver to her friend Lizzy, who had suffered a serious stroke a short time earlier. Lizzy wanted nothing more than to see the turn of the century, but alas she didn’t survive, and after her death Pamela and I decided it would be a perfect “marriage of 2 businesses” if I brought Basket Express inside Roadrunner Florist. So that’s how we became

Roadrunner Florist Basket Express, Phoenix, AZ

Over the years Pamela has received numerous awards for her designs and creativity, including a long-standing achievement award from the Society of American Florists .SAF logo

I have been honored to have had an article published in The Basket Whiz Report .

We are proud to be a small business working hard to benefit our community including Desert Mission Food Bank and Washington High School. I sing in the choir at North Phoenix Baptist Church and Pamela plays in the band at Phoenix College and the City of Glendale Summer Band.

food bank logo     city of glendale public art program

We strive to provide our customers with the freshest and finest flowers available (more about that later), custom designed gift baskets and terrific customer service.

Today we wished 3 people Happy Birthday! Here are the custom designed arrangements we made for them.

hb aunt elaine man floral hb tele bowl

And we shared in the loss of loved ones with these flowers to soften the sorrow.

funeral for Richard lav & white

We look forward to telling you more about us, including information about The Cold Chain! Stay tuned!

Are We Getting Ready? You Bet’cha We Are!

You bet’cha! We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day,

ImageImageImageBut in the meantime we are celebrating other occasions, too!

Here are flowers and gift baskets we delivered today for Birthdays.




And anniversaries.


And we extend our most sincere condolences to families who have lost loved ones.

Image ImageImage

We look forward to hearing from you for Valentine’s Day and your special occasions!

We love Birthdays!

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One of our favorite celebrations is birthdays! Is it one of yours, too?

We love meeting people who are celebrating their birthdays, and we love sending flowers to brighten their special day.

Mavis is one of our favorite ladies. She’s lived in the neighborhood for a long time, and we enjoy seeing her and learning from her. Here are 2 Happy Birthday floral arrangements we delivered to her on Saturday.

mavisMavis 2


We can custom design a Happy Birthday floral arrangement just for you!!

Call, click or come by! And don’t forget to order your roses for Valentine’s Day, which is only 38 days away!

Smile! :)

Can you think of a few reasons to smile right off the top of your head? I’m sure I can…

A new baby. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


A birthday. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


An anniversary. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


A new business contact. Sure, that’s a reason to smile.


A new neighbor or friend. Sure, that’s another reason to smile.


Which “smile” would you like to send to make another person smile?


Smile #1


Smile #2


Smile #3


Smile #4


Smile #5


Smile #6

Tell you what? You comment here and I’ll take down your name and email address. Then I’ll have a CONTEST and I’ll pick a winner, One lucky person will win a free SMILE from Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express! Good luck!

Fresh and Healthy Vegies

News from the Gift Basket Extraordinaire

Tina%20standard Tina holding pictures for gift basket site

Brought to you every Tuesday by Tina Ashburn, owner of Basket Express, located inside Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ.

Tina is an award-winning designer of gift baskets for all occasions. What makes our gift baskets unique? No two are alike.

You choose the theme and Tina works her gift basket magic and can also add fresh flowers!


Who could argue with fresh vegies?

vegie basket medium

Custom designed, each one unique. Fresh fruit purchased daily.

vegie basket standard

Great for summer. Always fresh and delish!

The perfect birthday present, anniversary gift, great for a get well wish or a conveyance of sympathy.

$45 small   $65 medium   $85 large

Delivery available


News from The Plant Doctor

Brought to you every Thursday by Pamela E Smith, owner of Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ.
Pamela has been known as the Plant Doctor since 1971 when she purchased
Esquire Flowers in Oak Park, MI.
Pamela is a Michigan State University Floriculture Graduate 1964.
Pamela opened Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ in 1979.

The Chrysanthemum

mum 1mum 2mum 3mum 4mum 5mum 7
mum 8

Botanical name: Dendrathema.
Beautiful long lasting flowers, in a multitude of colors, the varieties are daisies,
cushion, flat heads, quills, spoons and buttons. All known as “mums”.
Chrysanthemums are easy to grow outside in your garden.
They’ll freeze in the winter and they don’t take temperatures above 90,
but they are pretty and bright, happy flowers.

Stop by Roadrunner Florist & Gifts
2007a W Bethany Home
Phoenix, AZ 85015
for a FREE STEM of Chrysanthemum

Flowers & Gift Baskets that Guarantee a WOW!

Coming next: Roses