Why are our plants different from other plants?

Hmmm, that’s a good question! So I wonder…

1. First of all, there’s Pamela. She has a degree in floriculture from Michigan State University.

msu logo

That means she learned all about soil and fertilizer and light and bugs and disease and a million useful things, which is akin to having a green thumb!

2) Pamela became known as “The Plant Doctor” when she opened her first flower shop in Oak Park, MI, following graduation from MSU in 1971.

the plant doctpr

3) Then there’s selection. Pamela has learned which green plants will survive in the desert and which ones won’t and we don’t sell anything from the second option.

peace & forcythiaplant and pinkbirthday pothos

4) The Plant Doctor says, Don’t let their feet sit in water. The #1 reason plants die, their leaves turn yellow brown or black and they fall off is TOO MUCH WATER. If the plant is heavy or the soil on the top is damp, No Water.

watering your plant

5) How to water your plant? That’s easy. Water it. Drain it. Put it back in the basket or pot.

6) Treatment. I, Tina, like to tell people to treat their plants (and flowers) as they treat their children. If it’s too hot for your child, it’s too hot for your plant. Bring ’em in, people!

dracaena for susansuper planterpothos orchids tulips

7) Local. We are your local flower shop. That means you can depend on us to design and deliver the perfect plant for the occasion, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a get well, or an expression of condolence. Count on us at Roadrunner Florist Basket Express!


Such a busy day!

We love it when we’re busy at the flower shop! WHEW, I finally have a minute to post some pictures of the amazing floral arrangments going out today. Do you have a favorite?



And then there are Hawaiian Tropicals!


And 2 funeral covers, one all white and one pink and white.


And plants! We love to decorate our plants. Do you like them?



I know what we’re doing today to make is special. We’re delivering flowers and smiles!

What are you doing today that’s making it special?

Fresh and Healthy Vegies

News from the Gift Basket Extraordinaire

Tina%20standard Tina holding pictures for gift basket site

Brought to you every Tuesday by Tina Ashburn, owner of Basket Express, located inside Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ.

Tina is an award-winning designer of gift baskets for all occasions. What makes our gift baskets unique? No two are alike.

You choose the theme and Tina works her gift basket magic and can also add fresh flowers!


Who could argue with fresh vegies?

vegie basket medium

Custom designed, each one unique. Fresh fruit purchased daily.

vegie basket standard

Great for summer. Always fresh and delish!

The perfect birthday present, anniversary gift, great for a get well wish or a conveyance of sympathy.

$45 small   $65 medium   $85 large

Delivery available



peace lilyThings are always hopping at the flower shop! Yesterday we had the pleasure to meet Dov, yes Dov, who came in to purchase a plant to thank Saba’s Mediterranean Cuisine where they are holding a fundraiser for his daughter Dahlia on Sunday. http://dahliashapiracarefund.org/
Thanks, Dov, for spending some time with us, for the information and education, for being out-spoken and honest, and for giving of your time and energy to this blog.

New York!

fruit unwrapped

I have the pleasure of speaking to people all across the country, and some from other countries, too! Today I spoke with a really nice man in New York. He ordered a get well fruit basket for a lady here, and this is what I sent for him. Then I named it “New York Fruit Basket” and I’ll be posting it on my facebook page and website. So the question is: Do you think it looks like a million (OK, not a million, but a hundred)? And if so, why?

Hints for sending Get Well flowers to someone in the hospital

For Liam mediumFor KarenFor Hai mediumFor Dr. Jane medium

Here are six tips for when you are sending get-well arrangements to someone in the hospital:

1. Stay away from fragrant flowers – strong fragrances can be difficult in a small room, and even if they like them, they might have a roommate that does not.

2. The arrangement will have a bigger impact if it is one-sided. The flowers will likely be up against a wall or sitting where the person who receives them will see only one side.

4. Consider sending a green plant for them to take home when they leave the hospital.

4. If they are in ICU, fresh flowers and plants will have to wait until they are in a regular room. Your florist can deliver stuffed animals, balloons and/or a fruit or snack basket to be shared with visitors and staff.

5. Think about their style and personality and ask for a design to be made that really fits who they are.

6. Let your local florist design and deliver the perfect floral arrangement for you!


I’m going to run a Fresh Fruit Gift Basket SALE from now through September 31. It’s to celebrate the changing of the season, new beginnings, and the Jewish New Year. Here’s an example of the fruit basket, normally $80 on sale from now through the end of September for $65. Sorry, but this can’t be shipped or wired to another place, it has to be delivered by our store. Love it? Let me know. I’ll be honored to design and deliver one for you!