Are you using the blog?

I spent some time last week asking myself why we blog.

I came up with 3 main reasons

1. We blog to sell a service.

2 We blog to sell a product.

3. We blog to post ideas, recipes, fun times with family and friends.

Does your blog fit into one of those main categories? And even more importantly, are you actually USING the products and services offered on the blogs?


I am happy to tell you I am using the products and services offered by bloggers I know!

Oils! Have you checked out the oils? Loretta Smith and  DoTERRA Essention Oils 

Cypress Essential Oil

I have peppermint. WOW! It works for whatever ails ya!

And then there’s Send Out Cards. I LOVE Meli Horwitz and Send Out Cards! Have you tried them yet?    send out cards logo They’re perfect for thank you cards (I send them out regularly) and reminders, birthday cards, sympathy cards and, my most recent find: Oops, when you need just the right words to apologize!

Everyone knows I’m crazy about Harper! She’s my granddaughter. Yes, we all brag about our grandchildren, don’t we? (That’s part of #3 listed above!!). harper 11-13

So, here are 2 items I purchased for Harper.

The Harper Doll. From Real Sisters Gifts & Accessories. Check out their facebook page! They custom designed this doll to look like Harper (red hair and all!)

Harper doll

The Harper Bear! From Hand Knitted Dolls & Teddy Bears. Talk about a great teddy bear!

harper bearKathleen custom designed this one for Harper, too! Lots and lots of pink and she even put her name on a banner across the bear’s chest! How adorable is this!

Norma. What can I say about Norma? If you haven’t joined Norma’s business group, you are MISSING OUT! It’s luv luv luv. And I’m honored to tell you she designed the cover pages for my facebook and blog pages, too! Want great coaching on social media? Norma’s your gal!

the best is yet to be

Then there’s us, Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.  When is the last time you called us (or your local florist) to send flowers to someone you love?

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m going to be using more and more businesses on these threads in the future. Don’t be surprised if there’s a present in there for you, too!


Are We Getting Ready? You Bet’cha We Are!

You bet’cha! We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day,

ImageImageImageBut in the meantime we are celebrating other occasions, too!

Here are flowers and gift baskets we delivered today for Birthdays.




And anniversaries.


And we extend our most sincere condolences to families who have lost loved ones.

Image ImageImage

We look forward to hearing from you for Valentine’s Day and your special occasions!

What to do when you simply can’t decide!

Today people simply couldn’t decide what they wanted to send. Do REAL MEN really get flowers? (you bet they do!!).


What about a run-in-and-get-married wedding? Sure, we can do that!

Tina's kind of wedding

And if that’s not what you have in mind, how about a gift basket?

g b for shel wagnergift basket for karen

We call it magic. The magic of Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.

What do you call it?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

…toys in every store…

FLOWERS, and GIFT  BASKETS everywhere!

Image Image


Ho, Ho, Ho!


Is your holiday a’glow?



Are you making your list?


And checking it twice?


Let us help you with your Christmas gift giving needs!


Roadrunner Florist  Basket Express

Your Local Phoenix Flower Shop for more than 35 years.


16 days till Christmas!

Sure, you think Christmas isn’t until December 25th, right?


If you’re going to send gift baskets across the country (or around the world), Christmas is in just a few days! Why? Because guaranteed shipping for Christmas Delivery ends in 16 days!

December 18th is the LAST DAY for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!

What does that mean? It means I’m a busy little Christmas bee (OK, wrong holiday…)

I’m a busy little Christmas elf…

Tina designs a basket medium  fruit with xmas treeXmas 2010 fruit basketxmas gourmet basket

So, while you’re making your list and checking it twice, I’m working to make sure your holiday gift baskets arrive on time!

Golder in a box Mesa Air in a box xmas 2011

You can order on line at or call me at 602-246-1271 or toll free at  888-446-1271.

Be a good Santa’s Helper and don’t wait until the last minute!


Happy Sweetest Day from Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express

Happy Sweetest Day from Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express October 19, 2013

Today we celebrate YOU!
You are our sweetheart on Sweetest Day!
If we could…we would send you roses, a box of chocolates and a cookie gift basket.
But we can’t.
So, we’re sending you VIRTUAL roses, chocolates and cookies!

YOU, on the other hand, can send your loved one roses, a box of chocolates and a cookie gift basket! It’s not too late. Call Tina or Pamela at 602-246-1271. DO IT NOW so your loved one knows how much you are thinking of them!
Happy Sweetest Day to our Sweetest Customers!
Tina & Pamela
Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express
Save 20%  
 Save 20% off your Sweetest Day order by mentioning CCSweet when you call!
Offer Expires: October 18, 2013

Fresh and Healthy Vegies

News from the Gift Basket Extraordinaire

Tina%20standard Tina holding pictures for gift basket site

Brought to you every Tuesday by Tina Ashburn, owner of Basket Express, located inside Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ.

Tina is an award-winning designer of gift baskets for all occasions. What makes our gift baskets unique? No two are alike.

You choose the theme and Tina works her gift basket magic and can also add fresh flowers!


Who could argue with fresh vegies?

vegie basket medium

Custom designed, each one unique. Fresh fruit purchased daily.

vegie basket standard

Great for summer. Always fresh and delish!

The perfect birthday present, anniversary gift, great for a get well wish or a conveyance of sympathy.

$45 small   $65 medium   $85 large

Delivery available