Easter Baskets

easter basket 1

easter basket 3

easter basket 4

The "Basket"

The “Basket”

Dan was just in the shop, and he said this is the “most amazing” Easter basket he had ever seen! I had to stop what I was doing to thank him, over and over again, for agreeing that this Easter basket is really wonderful!!

The sender is my friend on facebook. Here’s what she had to say: “Hey, that’s mine! Being out of town and having to rely on the judgement of others is scary. But seeing the pics the basket for my daughter has made me happy. I would consider using them again. Thanks!!”

So, I ask you, would it make you happy to send (or receive) this Easter basket? If so, then JUST WAIT until you see what I design for Mother’s Day!!

Happy Easter!


14 thoughts on “Easter Baskets

  1. I love the “basket”, Its certainly not something you would toss in the back of your closet and drag it out every easter. I see a little girls treasures being stored in it forever and ever, when all the sweets are gone, of course!!

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