Why send flowers?

tropicals with orchidspink for mavisfor kristaGarden flower basket for brittishWhy send flowers? Let’s see…

Because you’re in the dog house (and if you’re in the dog house, you know what I mean)
Because you’re in love (and if you’re in love, you know who you are)
Because it’s a birthday or anniversary (a good thing not to forget)
To convey sympathy or condolences
To brighten a hospital room or a home where someone is recovering from an illness
Just because you want to (that’s one of my favorite reasons!)

Do you really need a reason to send flowers? NO, you don’t!! All you need to do is contact us and let us work our magic for you!


25 thoughts on “Why send flowers?

    • Thanks, Sasha. I agree, it’s never a bad day for lilies! Today we had a request for white Casa Blanca lilies and couldn’t find them locally (we use local wholesalers 100% of the time). The order is for Saturday, and I was very upset to call the customer and explain that I was going to have to substitute either green or stargazers. She took it in stride, but I would tell she was disappointed. So I made one more call, and WHOLA! The Casa Blanca lilies are being over-night shipped to us for tomorrow! Yes, we’ll be able to fill her order as she requested! I could hear the joy in her voice when I called her back to tell her! THAT, my friends, is a great reason to call your local flower shop!!

  1. I love receiving flowers and I’ve only received them via delivery twice in my life! Once from a great boss on my birthday and once when my hubby was out of town on Valentine’s Day. There’s something so special about receiving an unexpected delivery.

    • Dov, My website or my blog? Oh, yes, you think they’re one- and-the-same, but they’re not! I assume you mean this blog. Yes, I worked on it last night (after speaking to you about it) and I’m learning how to clean it up and change it. I did see some errors that I have to correct, but I’m going to work on it!! Thanks for the compliment!!

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