Boss’s Day is Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Why am I writing to you today? Because next Wednesday is National Boss’s Day!


What does that mean to you? It means it’s the one day of the year that is set aside for you to say Thank You to the person who places his or her confidence in you every day.


EFT-13 $54.95  $74.95 (shown)

What can I do to make this day simple for you? Call, Click or Come By!

All you have to do is click here and choose a floral arrangement or gift basket from our unique website. Or choose one from here. You click or call and we do the magic for you!


RR-1311 $34.95  $45.95 (shown)


BE Fruit  $39.95  $49.95 (shown)


FS 4005 $45.95  $54.95 (shown)


BE Cookies $39.95 (shown)  $49.95


BE 3059  $49.95  $69.95 (shown)


RR-1449  $54.95 (shown)  $64.95


EV 26-11  $44.95  $54.95 (shown)


BE 3053  $44.94  $57.95 (shown)

Don’t see what you think is appropriate? Just call 602-246-1271 and we’ll custom design the perfect Boss’s Day gift for you.

Yes, we are local. Yes, we deliver. Mention Local First Arizona for FREE Delivery*  of your  Boss’s Day Flowers & Gift Baskets ordered before 10-15-13. (*limited area).


Yes, we look forward to hearing from you!

Pamela and Tina, Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express

Your LOCAL florist & gift basket shop for more than 35 years

We reserve the right to substitute product/vases of similar or greater value.


72 thoughts on “Boss’s Day is Wednesday, October 16, 2013

  1. I love the creative baskets you have here. I would love to get the fruit basket. I have no one to send it too though. Since i’m the boss 🙂

    • Kelly, you are not the first, nor I’m sure will you be the last, to tell me you are the boss and therefore you can’t get one of these fruit baskets. Perhaps you might who someone who is a boss and would love to get one of these! Please feel free to pass this information along to everyone you know! Thanks!

  2. What a great idea… trouble is I’ve always been the boss first when we were farming and then later in an antique store. To me nothing says “I appreciate you” more than flowers. A great promotional idea.

    • A lot of people buy flowers for themselves! Why not? Just remember to contact your LOCAL flower shop, not an “order gatherer” like ftd, teleflora, 1800flowers, fromyouflowers, proflowers, jusflowers, etc. Make sure the flower shop has a local address and phone number (aka you can walk in and pick up the flowers yourself!)

    • National Boss’s Day is always October 16. I could guess who “invented” it … maybe Mr. Hallmark? or a smart restaurantier? Or a nasty boss who wanted his secretary (they were probably called secretary in that day) to make him feel special? Who knows! All I know for sure is bosses all over expect something on Boss’s Day and they reciprocate on Secretary/Admin Day in the spring. That’s what makes the corporate world go ’round!!

    • Yes, Cynthia, the vegie basket is pretty unique! I came up with it last Christmas when a customer just couldn’t decide what to send. I listen to a person with all ears before we make a decision about a gift, and this one was right up the recipient’s alley. Boy, did it hit the spot, too, when it was delivered! I hope it will be one of my best sellers this coming holiday.

    • I agree with you and Dawn 100%. Try it and let me know how it makes you feel!! Walk into a flower shop and use your nose (yes, smell) to pick out what you like. Use the fragrance first, then the colors. If you always thought you “don’t like” a certain flowers, give it a second chance! You’ll find flowers brighten your day every day.

  3. Love your creative floral designs Tina. My eye is also drawn to the fruit and veggie baskets…any boss receiving one of these beautiful creations will be honored for sure.

    • And if you don’t? Then coal (like at Christmas!!!) Actually, I have wondered about this myself, especially when I was in the corporate world. I remember sending a green plant to a boss that was.. well… not really nice, and I had to take care of it! But it was something that reminded me that I’m a nice person even if he weren’t so nice!

  4. What lovely arrangements! Surely any boss who receives one of these baskets would surely love the idea. Would it be possible to combine the contents of any of the baskets like some flowers and fruits?

  5. Lori, you hit the nail on the head! The beauty of being a gift basket store inside a flower shop means we can combine everything! I do a lot of fruit with cookies or muffins, and of course gourmet. I love to add flowers to the top of the baskets, too. All you have to do is let me know what you’re looking for (it’s not necessarily on the Internet) and I work my magic!!

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