46 More Days!

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We had an AMAZING holiday season!  It was so wonderful to speak to hundreds of customers and find out how things are going in their lives now.






Now we have to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!


ImageDoz red roses

6 roses for kathy6 red roses in a cube

3 roses contemporaryroses & gerbs


So, what is your preference? Let’s vote:

a) 24 long stem red roses (WOW)

b) a dozen long stem red roses (Pamela’s favorite)

c) 6 red roses (half as many, but just as pretty) arranged tall or

d) 6 red roses (half as many, but just as pretty) arranged short

e) 3 red roses, contemporary and sophisticated

f)  red roses, mixed with other flowers like pink gerbera daisies and stargazer lilies

What ever your favorite, don’t wait to order your Valentine’s Day roses! 



61 thoughts on “46 More Days!

  1. I was browsing your pictures of the gorgeous rose arrangements and had to say HI because I am from PHX now living in Chicago. I will have to use you for special occasions for my many friends and family members in AZ!!

    • Heather, you chose a Thomas Kinkade arrangement. Many people have collected his artwork throughout his lifetime (I had the opportunity to watch one of his assistants add “light” to one of his original paintings) and now that he has passed his legacy is being carried on by the many people he trained. This is one of our very best sellers because it lights! I’m glad you like it. (and if you want me to put one away for you for next year, tell me because I think we only have 3 left!)

    • Oh, my yes! We had to order our roses in December. Consider this: the growing of roses takes several weeks. So, the growers had to stop growing colored roses and switch to red in November so there would be enough supply for Valentine’s Day! That is also why it is so difficult to get colors in February and the first of March!

    • Jennifer, I’ll tell you a story. I once had a person order a dozen roses for 6 ladies at the tv station. He asked that each lady receive a different color, 12 each, and I could decide which one got which. So, Pamela designed 6 stunning dozens and put them on the counter for me to “tag” the names. Honestly, I couldn’t pick a favorite! We had red, pink, white, yellow, orange and a mix of all the colors. Well, since I knew one of the dozen was going to the TV anchor, I thought the red. No, then I changed my mind to the pink. Then I knew one was going to the news producer. Didn’t want her to get red, so she got white. Then the ladies behind the scenes. Yellow and Orange. Then I changed my mind and switched ’em all up again!! I think eventually I tossed the enclosure cards up in the air, and as they landed so they were attached to the roses!!!

  2. I visited some stores the morning after Christmas and the Valentine stuff was already going onto the shelves. It will be here before we know it. Those are all lovely arrangements.

    • Yes, that is true. We retailers have to think early. I don’t like it when Christmas comes out in September (frankly I think it should come out the day after Thanksgiving, but what do I know???) but Valentine’s Day is only about 45 days after Christmas so yes, it has to come out at the end of the year. We took last week to remove Christmas from our store and now we’re full of red hearts and preparing for the rose rush!

  3. I love Valentine’s Day. I would have to say a simple long stem 6 rose arrangement would be a great gift. My middle daughter is hoping for a pretty arrangement from her long distance BF. This is her very first BF and he treats her so sweet. I am sure he will get her a pretty arrangement.

    • If I may, ask her BF to contact a local flower shop IN YOUR CITY OR TOWN, not 1800flowers or proflowers or teleflora or ftd or any of those Why? Because when you order online (especially for Valentine’s Day), even if you pay extra, there is guarantee that the florist who actually does the work will have what you want. And if it comes in a box (as in proflowers) it is left on the door in whatever kind of weather you have, and then she has to do the work herself. Between now and Vday I’m going to spend a little bit of time on this blog explaining the difference in roses and also the difference in why you get (or don’t get) what you get when you order from what we can an “order gatherer”, also known as “Peggy”!! (do you remember Peggy from the Discover card commercials?) If you need help locating a local flower shop, let me know and I’ll be happy to help you.

    • I love peach, too. There are so many shades of peach available now, from a light apricot color to a vibrant orangee color, to a 2-tone with a pinkish tip. Most florists can get any of these with a day or two’s notice.

  4. I love the last arrangement!
    My wedding bouquet had a couple of star gazer lilies in them so they have always been a favorite of mine.
    So beautiful…I can’t believe we are already that close to Valentines day.

  5. Thanks for making these options selectable, I ‘ll definitely go with your last option where you have red roses, mixed with other flowers like pink gerbera daisies and stargazer lilies altogether.

  6. A dozen long stem roses is my favorite, although I’ve never seen 24! That must be impressive! I love getting for Valentine’s Day…or any day for that matter! You have some beautiful arrangements!

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