We love Birthdays!

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One of our favorite celebrations is birthdays! Is it one of yours, too?

We love meeting people who are celebrating their birthdays, and we love sending flowers to brighten their special day.

Mavis is one of our favorite ladies. She’s lived in the neighborhood for a long time, and we enjoy seeing her and learning from her. Here are 2 Happy Birthday floral arrangements we delivered to her on Saturday.

mavisMavis 2


We can custom design a Happy Birthday floral arrangement just for you!!

Call, click or come by! And don’t forget to order your roses for Valentine’s Day, which is only 38 days away!


72 thoughts on “We love Birthdays!

    • Thanks, Lexie. Yes, we are planning on being busy for Valentine’s Day. Between now and then I’m going to blog about why roses (and other flowers) should be ordered from a real flower shop instead of from a .com online. I hope you’ll share the information with everyone you know.

    • Amanda, it’s great that you send flowers to your mother-in-law. About 40 years ago I started sending flowers to my mother on my birthday. Every year she calls me and asks why I sent her flowers, and I tell her that without her I wouldn’t be here! My mom is 86 and when she received these flowers last month it made her day!! (and I found an amazing florist in Denver to do the designing!!). Keep up the tradition because it’s so much fun to be the recipient and it’s so thoughtful to be the sender!

    • Well, Alexandra, there is nothing wrong with sending yourself flowers on your birthday (the fact that it happens to be Valentine’s Day is insignificant). If your mother is alive, send her flowers in your birthday! (I’ve been doing that for over 40 years!). Make is a special day even if you’re single!

  1. Tina- you posted the arrangements for Mavis on Facebook or maybe on google+ but who cares if our eyes see the lovely flowers again or read your warm thoughts. My hubby buys me flowers every now and then from Shoprite. They are not exactly the ones I would choose and I’ve stopped showing him my favorites. Its the thought that does really count. On FB, people send birthday wishes and I add a graphic of flowers. It brightens the posts and does please the birthday person. Flowers are such a nice addition to any room, table, home.

    • Yes, Roslyn, I did post Mavis’ flowers on facebook. I am glad you don’t mind seeing them again (especially since I’m under the weather today and didn’t have the ambition to do a new blog!). Kudos to your hubby for buying flowers for you! Is Shoprite a grocery store? He should find a flower shop and even he will see the difference in the flowers! I think I’m going to devote the next couple of weeks’ blogs to the difference in quality between grocery store and florist quality flowers. You can show him, but I won’t make any promises!!!

    • Thanks! I’m feeling a bit better today and yes, I’m at the shop (I played hookey all day yesterday and didn’t even stop outside!). But I just asked one of our wholesalers if breathing is a prerequisite, and he said yes, so I’m still having a tough time!!

  2. I cant see myself ever not having flowers in my space….my husband buys them for me on a regular because he is kind & because he knows flowers make me so happy. Always happy to visit your beautiful site.

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